Morning Glory by Esther Aliu 7th Feb 2018

We are having endless power cuts with all the bad weather we are having, we are not effected  by the floods our selves.  But going to add my blog now with just photos and will fill in the gaps with writing when power is on ?

Also now linking each month with Lynette on her 18 2018  Ive tried to add her logo for it but not able to I must not be doing some thing right?????

This last week has all been on part 2 of Morning Glory,  there are endless photos  but these are for several new members on Esther’s blog so it’s a step by step of how I’m making the centre of Morning Glory.


Last Wednesday I had  just printed off my centre pattern for Morning Glory


I was tossing up about cutting all those stems out in one go?????? In the mean time I started making up some leaves out of fabric that had irononfussing Nancy sent me some scraps of green fabric for another quilt top and these scraps are still been used after 2 tops !!!!!  I just love these fabrics she sent its wonderful to have so many scraps to play with.


Lets try those stems first I cut out the stem that runs behind all the other stems folds around and down to the front of the vase on the right hand side .


and here is my tangled mass of stems all cut out of the one piece of fabric?


Lots of patience was needed to slowly place each stem and make sure it was in the right place, I was so glad I had needle tacked lines to show me were all the centre points are this made it easy to see where they each had to lye.


Fabric was a brown and gold mottled shading  from gold through to browns, I cut it so my lights were mostly in the centre and the browns out on the ends of the stems.


Light greens near the bottom and the browner tones near the top but they are all in the green tones.


Couldnt wait to finish the leaves just had to make my first Blue Bird f Happiness LOL  he’s the male bird! will add some birdofparadise feathers soon?


I was culling and folding up children’s fabrics and this piece of silk was amongst them, light bulb went off MY morning Glory vase fabric.


It is fine silk so backed it with iron on interfacing, the orange strips were from the same fabric just enough to cut out the top and bottom pieces.


I appliquéd my stems down with a sulky gold thread on one side of the stem and a deep pink on the other side I wanted to get the look of light coming across from the left


Here you can see that it looks like the sun is hitting the top of the stem the bird is standing on?


agan the light is coming from the left.


I was thinking of making my flowers up but I kept thinking full fussy cut blooms, then I remembered  these large Chrissies I was using to make up my cut and slash blocks there would be  enough so added some irononfussing and cut one out I loved it!.


Heres the fabric and 4 more flowers ready to fussy cut.


Loved how they looked but felt the top centre one needed more so put two together up there!


I liked all those little chrissies in the fabric to and thought I could build them up on the bottom two stems


and this is how I ahve put them together.


Right hand side arrangment


and left hand side, I just played around placing the wee flowers and leaves till I liked the look


Two more stems to go?


I wanted another medium flower so fussy cut off some of the bottom petals  of the big bloom to make it smaller then added a few tiny chrisses on my final stem, so all finsihed except for the other Blue Bird and cherries.


Have removed all the flowers and vase to machine applqiue down the leaves.

This next should be another blog but it all happened this week!!!!!


Appliqueing down my first leaves using a green sulky thread as a contrast and blanket stitch.


Just had to add a couple of cherries, made from fine silk backed with a iron on fussing.


Close to finishing all those leaves


Used a fancy stitch for my cherry stems here.


cherry stems are a double straight stitch so it stands out clearer.


All leaves finished and I have added some spray tail feathers to my male bird.


About to applqiue my first tiny chrisses down.


All applqiued down by machine except for the top and bottom flower so you can see the difference.



using a pale pink  thread on the top and a bottom-line grey in the bobbin.  Flower second from the bottom fits in to a 1 inch square so you can work out the size of these wee flowers.


Taken about 4 inches from the flowers! so you can see the stitches.

in and around a very wet garden this morning around 6.30am


Has stopped raining but forecasters is for more storms.  Power off from 7am till after 9am this morning


6.30am  River in flood a very dirty brown


Council starting on clearing the road in front of our house


Another wheel barrow full of Rain from yesterday and last night!!!!

Yesterday I bought some metal creatures for my garden from the shop, my Grandies love seeing them in my garden


Hope he does not scare my tiny tiny green frogs LOL


I love dragon flies!


And who does not have ants in their garden????


No garden is a garden with out a butterfly?


A huge lilly just popped up and has the tiniest flower LOL



Glorious yellow  Brom.


and some tiny deep pink ones



Palms are in full berries at the moment so lots of birds, bats, and rats visiting them??????


Sun came out around 9.15 for 10 mins ????

Don’t think many of you will have made it to the end but those who did thank you for visiting LOL  Linking with What a Hoot 18 in 2018  and with Esther on her WOW or WIP’s today .

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23 Responses to Morning Glory by Esther Aliu 7th Feb 2018

  1. Karen says:

    what a beautiful piece you have made and so many applique pieces in it!! I bet this well help out some that are making this Morning Glory – I’m making a quilt called Morning Glory also but it is a different pattern entirely.
    Looks like a bit of a pick up needed after your rainy stormy weather – glad you were not flooded.

  2. Chris in Canada says:

    I am breathless after reading all the way to the bottom.
    We had more snow and warmed up to -12C temperatures today.

  3. Rhonda Jenkins says:

    Thank you so much Glenda for sharing the steps you have taken. I really want to be able to make these beautiful Applique Quilts but am so nervous about getting it wrong. Having the photos and description has really helped me to understand more. Your work is beautiful, you must be very happy. Will continue watching your work evolve. Best wishes, Rhonda.

    • glenda says:

      Hi Rhonda if this helps you learn a little more, it was worth doing. Im a visual person my self and learn so much from photos. Just ask any time if you want and I will help if I can. Cheers Glenda

  4. elaine says:

    Gorgeous start on the quilt Glenda, I love how you have fussy cut full blooms and your vase fabric is perfect! Hope the storms move away quickly and your power stays on 🙂

    • glenda says:

      Hi Elaine so sorry Iv’e taken so long to rely to your message but life caught up with us this last week. Last Saturday my son rang and said happy anniversary Mamma and I said is it mine, it was our wedding anniversary plus our 50th !!!!!! Both Hubby and Id forgotten and we laughed so much.; so we had noddles for dinner and Ginger beer to celebrate it LOL Glad you like my Morning Glory Elaine I’m sure loving making it up. Cheers Glenda

  5. Plum Cox says:

    What a huge amount of progress! Thank you for sharing it with us – it’s always lovely to see something being built up like this. Absolutely stunning work, your stitching is wonderful, you clearly get on well with your machine.
    Hope that you have another good week enjoying your stitching!

    • glenda says:

      Hi Plum 10 months ago I hated machine sewing LOL then I realised I had to learn how to applqiue with it if I wanted to keep making applqiue quilts because of my hands, Jenny Henry has been my mentor and tutor over these last 10 months and now I’m becoming to really like my machines, I even pat them before I start and ask them to be kind to me LOL Ive learnt to listen to the rhythm and stay with that sound. Ive learnt so much more besides that, my biggest problem was to sew slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww LOL Like appliquéing these tiny flowers down its one stitch at a time turn and stitch turn and stitch!!!!! Thanks for reading to the very bottom LOL Hugs Glenda

  6. Suzy Webster says:

    I adore what you did with the different colored threads Glenda! What a great idea. HMMMMM and your quilt is turning out beautifully!

    • glenda says:

      Hi Suzy glad you liked how I did those stems, I recently saw it done on a drawing that was been coloured, so thought I’d try it on those stems!!!!! Machine applqiue is going very very slow, as I’m still a beginner and learning it’s like one stitch at the time LOL Cheers Glenda

  7. My you are having some weather there ! The opposite here right now….we are having a freezing rain / snow / ice storm 🙂

    So many gorgeous photos of your Morning Glory! A beautiful project.

    • glenda says:

      Hi Deb the last week we ahve and NO rain LOl plus no clouds in the sky even, so its been extremely hot, yesterday was the hottest day Iv’e ever known here 37C!!!! Thank goodness I ahve my quilting so it helps me forget how hot it is plus the swimming pool helps me and my wee dog cool down. Morning Glory is not moving fast any more as those big blooms are taking me for ever to applqiue around each of them, only have two on so far LOL. Did work on my QG this week so made progress there. Loved loved that photo of the tree covered in snow, just such a beautiful shot would win a show ribbon Im sure. . Cheers Glenda

  8. Robin says:

    What an amazing amount of planning, cutting, and sewing. I’m agog at your ability to put it all together. Looking at the pattern was pretty overwhelming and yet you were able to figure out what you wanted and transform it into something beautiful. Just amazing!

    • glenda says:

      Hi Robin lovely to see you here, sorry its taken so long to reply but this last week has not been just mine LOL so good to read that you were able to follow what Ive been doing and may be it will help you start your own. Its a beautiful design. It does take a lot of machine applqiue and as I’m just learning its takes me twice as long as some other quilters would???? Take the plunge and start your own LOL Cheers Glenda

  9. Anonymous says:

    G’day Glenda,
    Hadn’t heard of the bad weather up your way – so glad you are still relatively dry.
    Love the Ants – sure I saw some that big down here the other day 😉 !!!

    Cheers Wendy.
    Hot and Humid in Melb.

    • glenda says:

      Hi Wendy, you sure have had very very high temps down in Melbourne this year, I feel so sorry for the young and elderly. Yesterday we had our highest temp since we have been here which is 20 years now 37C, for a week we have had no rain and its meant to be our wet season? Glad you like our Ants LOL Indi likes them too they look so cute walking the wall LOL Cheers Glenda

  10. Lynette says:

    Wow!!!!! Your applique work is so very pretty. You really scored with both of those fabrics, didn’t you? They’re perfect for your project, and I love how the vase has its own matching flowers “painted” on it. I also love that effect of the gold and pink threads for the stems – I never would have thought of that.

    • glenda says:

      Hi Lynette, and thanks for dropping by and reading to the end of that blog LOL I’m soooo surprised so many of you made it to the end LOL I’ve been so busy this last week after writing all that I have not had time to reply to one message so I’m feeling very guilty for not replying! I was saying to one other quilter it was so busy Hubby and I forgot it was our 50th wedding anniversary last Saturday LOL. Love those kittens you are working on they are looking so adorable they must be fun making them up? Cheers Glenda

  11. Kyle says:

    Your center applique is phenomenal. You’ve choosen beautiful fabrics and your machine applique skills are perfect!

    • glenda says:

      Hi Kyle, thanks so much for such a positive comment LOL I need all those as I’m new to machine applqiue and it takes me ages to do just a few inches LOL I sure could not make a living out of machine appliqueing quilts LOL My large blooms are stenciled by hand on to a heavy Japanese slub cotton kimono so each one is slightly different. Cheers Glenda

  12. Gretchen says:

    What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful block! Your machine applique is looking great. Love those metal animals for the gardens and the green color is so refreshing. I’m glad you didn’t get flooded. Still snowing here, supposed to get 10 inches today.

    • glenda says:

      I can not imagine 10 inchs of snow Gretchen!!!!! Just thinking of digging your way to the sheds to feed the animal would be heavy going before feeding them? Or do you have a machine to do that? I’m just loving working on the centre of Morning Glory its just flowing, fabrics just pop up that say use me and the threads also. I’m not going to make the whole quilt just the centre for a wall art quilt. Love love your wee triangle blocks you ahve been working on, I’ve been looking at that quilt top for years and been tempted to start it, I love how the tiny triangle applqiue blocks swirl. there is some thing so sweet and adorable about them. Cheers Glenda

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