WOW or WIPs with Esther 21st Feb 2018

3/4s of the way through Feb and I’ve not got very far on my UFOs but thriving on two new desighns LOL.   Every now and then a design will pull you in and you stop doing every thing else to do them?!  But the last two years 5 of Esther Aliu designs have pulled me in LOL. This year the centre of Morning Glory tugged at my heart strings, then the centre of Queens Garden, I thought I’ll just make the centre of QG but here I am not able to stop working on it, I go to sleep thinking about and I wake up and go straight to the design table to look at the next block??!,  As a moderator we have access to the full pattern and Jenny and I are both working on it and not able to stop LOL.  This week I have only been working on QG, and adding more tiny cherries to Morning Glory Centre.


I’m using a bolt of Kimono fabric for my backing but it is only just over 15 inchs wide so had to come up with a plan to make my centre square larger?  I ended up using a yellow spacer.  None of this is sewn down the first border is just lying against my centre.


all waiting to be ironed down.


I used two rulers to get a perfect1/4 inch either side of my petals befor eironing them down.


All ironed down waiting to be machine appliquéd down.


How I make my black back ground fabric, I slice through my template fold one side abck and mark with a fine chalk pen, then retape the template and do another stem the same way till they are all marked.



Same thing, I find this a quick and easy way to mark simple designs like this.


you can see the lines here, they brush off easy.


stems ironed down


leaves added

Making up th )

Making up the flowers on my teflon sheet.   Id be lost with out it, it saves me so much time and you can see the pattern so clearly under it.


Flowers not ironed down will add these after I have machine appliquéd down the stems and flowers.

I couldn’t stop there and started another block?

I’m going to try and not use just pink tones in this quilt!!!! I like them so much I keep pulling them. Going to try a blue block?


SO far so good LOL.


Close up of the centre flower. I have added a piece of blue silk to the dark blue centre petal as it was to dark!


I’m happy with that!


what a difference a few wee dots make?  Nothing is ironed down except the stems.


Machine appliquéd the stems down first.


Close up, right hand sid eof the stems are red and the left yellow it gives a round look to the stems I think?????  Plus gives more light to the centre of the block.


Adding my first flower.


Fabric I used for the flowers was some light weight upholstery fabric but it was not a good choice it frayed even with the irononfussing, to over come this problem I machine appliquéd it down twice to get rid of the fuzzy edges!


finally finished the big flower head but had to machine appliqué the other two flowers twice also.


Its turned out to be so pretty in blue, well I like it LOL


All completed except to applqiue the wee dots down.

Last night I cut out the main flower for another block and this morning found some fabric for the stems?!


Using some kimono fabric for this block, this is from the same fabric just fussy cut one circle from the green part and a yellow one from the yellow area.


Using silk fabric from the blouse I never wear???? for the stems

Have finished this block and another ready to machine appliqué but will show you those next week!   Just a small peek at the next one tooLOL

Start of the last block of 4

Start of the last block of 4

No garden photos there were to many Mosquitos today to wander around taking photos will. Take some early tomorrow may be and add them.

Off to link with Esther  on her WOW or WIp’s.

Thanks for visiting and leaving your own blog so I can visit you.  Cheers Glenda

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WOW or WIP’s 14th Feb

Some how this week flew in and out so quickly I’m not sure what I did sewing wise will have to check my camera LOL

OK I remember now I left you here last week.


My first machine applqiue flowers on my Morning Glory quilt by Esther.

I made a silk

I made a silk female Bluebird  but the silk is far to fragile and won’t  last so it’s back to the drawing board, may be a combination of this silk and cotton?


Ive started to add tiny flowers on the left hand side of the centre here.


then another leaf and a trailing end flower.  Plus a tiny bunch of flowers above them.



Close up of those tiny flowers.

Then I was on to my big blooms at last very exciting?

Such beautiful blooms!

Such beautiful blooms!

My first big bloom!

My first big bloom all machine appliquéd down.

My second big bloom irondown early this morning and still waiting to be machine appliqué down!

My second big bloom irondown early this morning and still waiting to be machine appliqué down! but it is 37C today so no machine sewing at present?  Slowly adding the cherries love hand appliqueing these cherries on.

I have

I have been playing around with my Queens Garden centre as my centre is to small due to using 15inch wide Kimono fabric so  I trying out different ideas to enlarge it so the first border will fit.  This border is not released yet but I’m just playing with roughly what it will look like?  I want to solve this problem now  so I can work on the next 4 parts been released over the next 4 months.


Yesterday cut out my next 5 backings for Morning Glory and ironed on the interfacing so I know I have enough fabric for all these blocks that will come out over the next 5 months !

Yesterday I scored big time for me

Yesterday I scored big time for me?  roughly 120 10inch blocks 40 Blocks in each pile and all small prints which I’m very j very short on. Specially the lights.  I’m in quilting heaven LOL SO I have a light, medium, and dark pile what more can you want LOL

I woke up to these this morning, what a great way to start a day. Happy Valentines every one!

I woke up to these this morning, what a great way to start a day. Happy Valentines every one!

In the garden this morning


Its so hot to day, they are having a heat wave down south and we must be getting some of it 37C out side so I’m not going there!!!!


In the very centre of the photo peeping up through the frangipani  is what we call a Koru in NZ its the young fern leaf coming up and will uncurl in to one very large  beautiful tree fern branches.


Fruit from one of the giant palms I will have to pick these all up before they start to ferment??????



wild native lilly.

Hubbys modern art fo r the garden?

Hubby’s modern art for the garden?

And his sense of humour

And his sense of humour? We just put in a new toilet seat and look where the old one is?????



First time I have ever seen this cactus flower????


look closely and you will see a cicada tucked up under a leaf?


My new ants are happy in their new garden LOL


Vanilla beans ready to harvest!

I ended up with a lu

I ended up with a large lump of Himalayan pink rock salt, I’ve been trying to smash it to use, I sure admire those Himalayan men who use to carry sack fulls down from the mountains to sell, they must have been as strong as Oxe’s this small rock was SO heavy.

Im off to link up with Esther now on her WOW or WIPs  thanks for visiting and I hope this week I will be able to return your visit.   Last week was a very hectic week and I did not get to answer any of my mail which I apologise for.  Cheers Glenda



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Morning Glory by Esther Aliu 7th Feb 2018

We are having endless power cuts with all the bad weather we are having, we are not effected  by the floods our selves.  But going to add my blog now with just photos and will fill in the gaps with writing when power is on ?

Also now linking each month with Lynette on her 18 2018  Ive tried to add her logo for it but not able to I must not be doing some thing right?????

This last week has all been on part 2 of Morning Glory,  there are endless photos  but these are for several new members on Esther’s blog so it’s a step by step of how I’m making the centre of Morning Glory.


Last Wednesday I had  just printed off my centre pattern for Morning Glory


I was tossing up about cutting all those stems out in one go?????? In the mean time I started making up some leaves out of fabric that had irononfussing Nancy sent me some scraps of green fabric for another quilt top and these scraps are still been used after 2 tops !!!!!  I just love these fabrics she sent its wonderful to have so many scraps to play with.


Lets try those stems first I cut out the stem that runs behind all the other stems folds around and down to the front of the vase on the right hand side .


and here is my tangled mass of stems all cut out of the one piece of fabric?


Lots of patience was needed to slowly place each stem and make sure it was in the right place, I was so glad I had needle tacked lines to show me were all the centre points are this made it easy to see where they each had to lye.


Fabric was a brown and gold mottled shading  from gold through to browns, I cut it so my lights were mostly in the centre and the browns out on the ends of the stems.


Light greens near the bottom and the browner tones near the top but they are all in the green tones.


Couldnt wait to finish the leaves just had to make my first Blue Bird f Happiness LOL  he’s the male bird! will add some birdofparadise feathers soon?


I was culling and folding up children’s fabrics and this piece of silk was amongst them, light bulb went off MY morning Glory vase fabric.


It is fine silk so backed it with iron on interfacing, the orange strips were from the same fabric just enough to cut out the top and bottom pieces.


I appliquéd my stems down with a sulky gold thread on one side of the stem and a deep pink on the other side I wanted to get the look of light coming across from the left


Here you can see that it looks like the sun is hitting the top of the stem the bird is standing on?


agan the light is coming from the left.


I was thinking of making my flowers up but I kept thinking full fussy cut blooms, then I remembered  these large Chrissies I was using to make up my cut and slash blocks there would be  enough so added some irononfussing and cut one out I loved it!.


Heres the fabric and 4 more flowers ready to fussy cut.


Loved how they looked but felt the top centre one needed more so put two together up there!


I liked all those little chrissies in the fabric to and thought I could build them up on the bottom two stems


and this is how I ahve put them together.


Right hand side arrangment


and left hand side, I just played around placing the wee flowers and leaves till I liked the look


Two more stems to go?


I wanted another medium flower so fussy cut off some of the bottom petals  of the big bloom to make it smaller then added a few tiny chrisses on my final stem, so all finsihed except for the other Blue Bird and cherries.


Have removed all the flowers and vase to machine applqiue down the leaves.

This next should be another blog but it all happened this week!!!!!


Appliqueing down my first leaves using a green sulky thread as a contrast and blanket stitch.


Just had to add a couple of cherries, made from fine silk backed with a iron on fussing.


Close to finishing all those leaves


Used a fancy stitch for my cherry stems here.


cherry stems are a double straight stitch so it stands out clearer.


All leaves finished and I have added some spray tail feathers to my male bird.


About to applqiue my first tiny chrisses down.


All applqiued down by machine except for the top and bottom flower so you can see the difference.



using a pale pink  thread on the top and a bottom-line grey in the bobbin.  Flower second from the bottom fits in to a 1 inch square so you can work out the size of these wee flowers.


Taken about 4 inches from the flowers! so you can see the stitches.

in and around a very wet garden this morning around 6.30am


Has stopped raining but forecasters is for more storms.  Power off from 7am till after 9am this morning


6.30am  River in flood a very dirty brown


Council starting on clearing the road in front of our house


Another wheel barrow full of Rain from yesterday and last night!!!!

Yesterday I bought some metal creatures for my garden from the shop, my Grandies love seeing them in my garden


Hope he does not scare my tiny tiny green frogs LOL


I love dragon flies!


And who does not have ants in their garden????


No garden is a garden with out a butterfly?


A huge lilly just popped up and has the tiniest flower LOL



Glorious yellow  Brom.


and some tiny deep pink ones



Palms are in full berries at the moment so lots of birds, bats, and rats visiting them??????


Sun came out around 9.15 for 10 mins ????

Don’t think many of you will have made it to the end but those who did thank you for visiting LOL  Linking with What a Hoot 18 in 2018  and with Esther on her WOW or WIP’s today .

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WOW or WIPs with Esther 31st Jan 2018

To day will see the second part of Morning Glory one of 3 of Esther Aliu’s 2018 BOMS.  I’m excited and hoping it will be the pattern for inside the centre we made this month. But we will have to wait and see.  Yes it’s the centre YAYYYYYY and I have downloaded it about to cut and glue the pattern together after I finish writing up my blog.

Centre for Morning Glory one of Esther Aliu BOMS for 2018

Centre for Morning Glory one of Esther Aliu beautiful BOMS for 2018

12.30pm update Wednesday  31st Jan


TThis morning I downloaded part 2 of Morning Glory and I was so happy to see it was the appliqué centre. I spent the morning printing, cutting, glueing and taping it in to my te mplate. How beautiful it looks Thank you Esther so much.

Its been a great week sewing wise for me as our wet has started this means no more gardening till the wet is over around the end of April so hopefully lots of UFOs will get worked on.  This week it has mostly been Esther  Ali’s beautiful Diamond Hill blocks from a 2017 BOM ,


Started my big flower and saw such a difference from my machine quilting from 10 months ago I redid some of my big flower head!!! LOL


All the flower heads need machine appliquéing so glad now I never got to finish this back 10 months ago asI have a new to me Janomi which has lots more choices for machine applqiue and gives a much neater finish than my 50 years old Bernina.



Great to see this lovely block design completed.


Plus the 4th block so now all blocks are appliquéd down.

I have added a pink flan as I accidentally cut one of the blocks 1/2 inch to small so solved the problem this way rather than make another block?


joining those flan corners.


Unpick bottom black strip just far enough to slip pink flan under it.


Pink flan under the bottom black strip now add your top piece of fabric.


Black added and sewn down and pressed back


So Diamond Hill has grown All blocks are now at this stage next is adding the diamonds around each square!!!!


I made up a resting or storage block out of an old cardboard box, covered it with some cotton fabric I will never use and  felt on top to stop the pieces from moving or sliding off.


Its great to have all the pieces of DH in one place now!!!!

My last QAYG hankie Block so happy to have these all finished this month also.

My last QAYG hankie Block so happy to have these all finished this month also, just need to machine applqiue as well around the turned edge on this one and all blocks are done.  . .


All blocks near completion and waiting to be joined but not this month or next!


EAch  evening I try to add some hand quilting stitches to my 1930s GMFG.  Some one asked me how many flower?  So this morning I counted them, I think it is 56 and I have completed 35 so still along way to stitch  Each flower has  roughly 48 hexagons so that’s roughly 2688 hexagons I need to quilt inside of LOL.


I found a beautiful old lawn table cloth in an Opp shop it was badly stained but I was able to cut out these 4 blocks from the centre.


Set them this way and I have the centre for the start of a lovely quilt top!!!!!  May be a new quilt for this year !!!!!!


I started to watch a U tube on tips for machine quilters first one was make up a sample cloth of all your stitches on your machine,  so glad I listened as many of the stitches look quiet different to what they look like on the side of the machine !!!!! So Ive learnt a lot more about what I can do now.  Next exercise is to shorten and lengthen each of those stitches but thats another weeks sewing LOL  These took 2 hrs to do.


These black silver pieces came in tot he shop last week.  Ive dipped them twice in a  boiling water bath of Baking soda, salt, and tinfoil.


All the years of tarnish are gone but they need cleaning with silvo and buffing now but my hands are not strong enough any more so one of the other ladies is going to do that. May be next week I can show you them in all their glory back to life for another 20 years?

In the garden lots of lovely colour at this time of the year.  Including butterflies and birds.

DC61B0FF-F40D-4381-BB7E-1ADD21316AFC 595B86EE-1F2A-4D47-8D9D-D72DF4E286CC 90F0EF94-8332-41A5-829E-9C9D2B992486 C37242BB-7D21-4EDE-923A-BD8AAB834C63 D72DD0E8-D67A-461B-B106-077C51B9EA58 E4B38A76-3028-4C37-BE68-A969CF29FA6D 7AB008A6-D69F-4F76-A348-C154BCC44BEB FE29B115-41F2-4CAA-A74B-4977412E5CFB


3 days rain here? This wheel barrow was under the trees so much more rain fell than this.


Just as I was going to bed a few nights ago this giant centipede ran across the floor, there was not way I could catch him and no way I could sleep with him in the room, I was lucky enough to stop him but had to kill it which was sad. Other 1/2 slid under the wooden floor.


A very dead but big grass hopper.

Well it s taken me an hour to just upload the photos now I need to write some thing to go with most of the photos that will take me another hour.  Hope some of you made it to this far today LOL. Thanks for dropping in.  Off to link with Esther o f on her blog for WOW or WIPs on Wednesday’s.  If you have to time drop in so many wonderful links to visit.

Cheers Glenda.

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6 old and 6 new Projects with Meredithe and Anne. 24th Jan 2018

Yesterday Wednesday 31st Jan I was working mostly on Part 2 of Morning Glory, like many of you I was not going to start any new projects this year and here I am doing two of Esther’s new releases in 2018 LOL  So these two will be part of 6 new projects this year for me.  I have several other new to me projects that I would like to finish for unknown sewers that I may use for my new projects.

Thank you Anne and Meredithe

6 & 6 in 2018

for a fun challenge for 2018  Thanks for giving up valuable sewing time to run it for us all.

I have SOOOO many UFO’s it’s going to be difficult to pick only 6!!!!!

number 1

This has been waiting several years to be quilted?

This has been waiting several years to be quilted?

Nimber 2

Turn the right 4 panels in to a beach rug

Turn the right 4 panels in to a beach rug.  Found these 7 strips in a opp shop they are made out of rubber backed curtain fabric, to heavy to put a backing and wadding too but will make great beach rugs water and sand proof!

Number 3


Started this years ago!!!!!!  Would like to add to it?????

Number 4

The Secret Garden I’d like to do more on this quilt top to be of Esther Alius 2017 BOM


The Secret Garden by Esther Aliu 2017 Mystery BOM

Number 5



Do some more work on this 2017 BOM of Esther Aliu’s

Number 6


One of my QAYG logcabin quilt tops I rescued from an Opp Shop Needs to be finished sewing together.

New projects

Number 1

First block of a BOM Queens Garden by Esther Aliu I’ve loved doing this block.

Queens Garden BOB for 2818 by Esther Aliu

Number 2.

Centre for Morning Glory one of Esther Aliu BOMS for 2018

Centre for Morning Glory one of Esther Aliu BOMS for 2018

This month I worked on both my new projects

First block of a BOM Queens Garden by Esther Aliu I’ve loved doing this block.

First block of a BOM Queens Garden by Esther Aliu I’ve loved doing this block.


part 2 arrived yesterday and I spent some time printing cutting, glueing, and taping my template for it . So that ends Jan 2018 .

It was a great start to 2018  Our wet season has started it which me and most days house bound so for me it’s a great time of the year as I get so much sewing time LOL .  Hope every one else had as much fun. Thank s again Meredithe and Anne   Cheers Glenda




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WOW or WIP’s with Esther 24th Jan 2018

First block of a BOM Queens Garden by Esther Aliu I’ve loved doing this block.

First block of a BOM Queens Garden by Esther Aliu I’ve loved doing this block.

On Sunday my blog was wiped out completely it no longer existed, I was devastated, at first I thought the server was down then it said the plug was pulled on this site????? My hubby spent two hours Monday night talking with our server who was able to recover all my data and reinstall it over 7 hrs except for the last 3 blogs of this month!!!!!  I’m pretty washed out over it all knowing that this can happen.  Luckily we pay for my blog to be backed up on our server but if we hadn’t nearly 10 years of my sewing records would have been gone.  It’s making me re think about printing of some of the quilts I’ve made and going back to sticking them in an album!!!!  Of course it happens but I just was not awear of it????  SO if you want to keep all your blog records safe do a back up your self or pay your server to do it for you.  Rod put all my files from my blog on a disk last night for me and I feel a lot happier knowing i have it, now I need to put it in a safe place and remember where that place is LOL

Mums Jacobean runner

Mums Jacobean runner finished so happy I was able to rescue this piece of her work for some one use and to enjoy.

A week ago my DGD 4 .,

A week ago my DGD 4 made her first quilt top on the little hand machine on the table.

On Sunday she spent the day with me and we turned

On Sunday she spent the day with me and we turned that wee quilt top in to a quilt.  she has mastered the feed in to the needle so well I let her sit at my Janome and sew this in to a quilt top, I pressed the treadle and she did every thing else.

I finished machine

I finished machine appliquéing my Queens Garden block except for the circles on the crown.

As I’m learning to machine

As I’m learning to machine appliquéing I’m writing down the width and length of my stitches I do on each project, I’m so glad Ive done this as I for get  what I did after a-couple of days.

What a difference a day makes!!!!!

What a difference a day makes!!!!!  Applqiueing those wee circles down with a double applqiue stitch in side each other give depth, texture, and a sparkle to them.  Was Jenny’s ( Henry) idea.


Love how the maching appliqué has turned my yellow looking holes in to tiny wee Jems, I hope to get the other 6 done to day then the block is completed it was such a delight to make, Thank you Esther.

Taken in day light

Taken in day light

This month have finished off hand quilting 3 more 1930 GMFG flowers just love th ese quant fabrics from the 1930’s.

BF4D42D1-202D-47C3-8324-56F6B89E23E8 C8631B8C-35BE-4BC0-857E-E38D0CF06929 96E18EB3-DA82-4EC1-AF37-5785B9B27281

On my window last night!

On my window last night!

In the garden this morning After a weeks rain every thing is starting to look so lush again.

E3FCECA2-77D5-4980-84F4-A63EBA9E1486 68E3A6D1-0090-47FA-98E8-DE544BDA95A7 D9EF8B46-76FE-4F66-974B-5570C7C76317 9FDCE416-A591-4C21-A6DB-265F9AD2E162 E8EDC1DB-BAEC-4E16-9AFE-1A8EC5BF408F F486F430-FDAE-4FEA-AAC0-B1CD9CC59E77 08035920-D4A9-45BC-975B-E3B21F223F1E 243C008B-CB6C-49B5-B777-5E483AE4E9AC

Vegetation grows on dead trees or alive ones every were you look in the wet.

D035422E-4E02-48F7-BF4D-853E30DDE9F2 15797C7F-0153-462A-A6C8-D7F45FE6B355  51FBD066-9EA4-4E9D-A46A-C5B34EBAE50B 8AD29B65-78D7-4C56-9BB6-2A808355AF2C

Thank you for dropping in, now going to link with Esther on her WOW or WIP’s on Wednesday.  This blog took a lot to write after loosing all my blog on Sunday, but I think I will be OK now that I have written my first one since then.  Cheers Glenda

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WOW. Or WIPs with Esther 17th Jan 2018


1/2 way through January and it’s start3d to rain here at last, I think the wet has arrived so that means I can not do any gardening, I’m house bound all most: fantastic, I get to sew a lot more LOL. To day I was even with out the internet for 18 hrs till 2.30pm today, so I was able to sew and sew from 7am this morning.  First it was machine appliquéing the corners of my Morning Glory.


Appliqué the four corners down and rolled it around a swimming noddle till Feb 1st !!  This way it will stay nice and flat.  Actually I lie the quilt centre facing down before rolling it up.


All rolled up and labelled.

Next was machine stitch around the turning of mums antique hanky 5 blocks we’re waiting that I’ve done this year of QAYG .

I have 3 more of these wee blocks to f

Not sure if these are the last on es or if I have two mor e to go. Will lay them out later?

Then it was on to trying to quilt the puckers out of my mums Jacobean embroidery sample wall hanging I came across earlier in the month when looking for some thing else!  She added some batting behind it as she embroidered it, not sure why but it has plucked badly.  Going to try cross hatch quilting it to see if I can get it to lay flat .


What it looked like when I rolled it open, it’s about 50 years old and I’d like to rescue it so it can be hung?


I have smoothed and pinned heavily and stared the machine quilting .

Four more hours later!

Four more hours later! And it’s laying a lot flatter, it was slow going so that I did not pucker it more.


Well the crosshatch quilting worked, it’s laying nice and flat, had to sew a few tucks in to get the bad pucks out but it looks really nice,  it took me 6 hrs to ge5 to this stage as I have to smooth each little area as I go but it’s been worth it to see it becoming some thing that many would like to have now. Hopefully I will finish it tomorrow.


Made the centre of Queens Garden the night the pattern was released, I just had to make it, such a stunning centre.



I could not leave it alone LOL


All ready to be machine appliqué .  If the rain stays and I loose the internet again I might get it done next week?

Each evening this week I have done 3hrs of hand quilting on my 1930 GMFG.

Each evening this week I have done 3hrs of hand quilting on my 1930 GMFG. Notice how some of the green fabrics have faded so much, dark green are cotton poly and have not faded.

Tuesday week ago I found a bag of cross stitch, threads and patterns all dumped in a plastic shopping bag, I brought them home and spent several hours sorting patterns, threads, and crossstitch pieces together,  I hope to work on the all one day and finish them for the unknown embroiderer.

B2D16262-4655-4789-982C-F9DC4696481B 570BBB42-8F79-4796-A50E-7961C4D7C489 9ED57D1B-C397-4758-B245-6635C77B747C 857788D0-21ED-484C-9085-EC854C6D859B

Nothing to show in the garden far to wet but this Chappy must have been trying to escape the heavy rain and found a spot in our sun room!

Som e kind of borer battle about 3inchs long very h and shell

Som e kind of borer battle about 3inchs long very h and shell.

Off to link with Esther on her WOW or WLPs .

Thank you for visiting and reaching the  end LOL

Cheers Glenda


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Press and seal appliqué tutorial 14th Jan 2018

Up-date 17th Jan 2018  Have been with out the internet for 18 hrs so going to use this blog for my link incase I loose the internet again, I wrote this for Sobana on the 14th of Jan. Happy sewing every one Cheers Glenda

For you Sobana


Number all pieces so you know where they go special Right and Left pieces.


Tape  teplon sheet over pattern


Press n Seal   is much stickyer on one side


Pull off a piece of Strip of press  n seal and put sticky side over the pattern draft your shapes on to it


drawing my shapes and marking them. I use a fine permanent mark. Used a thick one on leaves so you could see clearly.


My pattern pieces drawn on to my Press  n seal


cut out your shapes roughly and press sticky side on to chosen fabric with iron on fusing on the back and cut them out

now start to build up your design placing back pieces down first.


If you don’t like the look of some thing, change  it before ironing it all down


My lower leaves looked OK on the light background but became off where squiggles on the dark background so I tried different fabrics till I was happier.


Leaf is is to light and bright.


Now I think there is more harmony


Crown is a silver thread fabric hard to photograph


Hope this helps you Sabana  Cheers Glenda


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WOW or WIPs with Esther Wed 9th Jan 2018

Jan is moving far to fast for me, but I’ve been finishing productive working on UFOs from 20 years ago,!!!


This wa# handed in to the shop with some bad stains and this large hole,  all hand embroidered roughly 100 years old, I would not let them chuck it and brought it home around 5 or 6 years ago,  I came across it on Friday  when I was  sorting boxes in the  attic,  I was emptiing  3 large plastic containers.


Cut away centre first leaving almost 1/2 an inch in the centre of the last row of blanket stitch.


ironed and taped down this small. Appliqué table cloth.


PLaced cut away area over the small cloth, pinned the basted the oval in place


this was the damaged area lucky it had not gone in to that blanket stitch row.


Machine satin stitched over original hand stitchs using a wider width stitch worked beautifully.  MY  second UFO finished  for 2018 but not on my list of 18 LOL

Iv’e started drafting and making my centre for Morning Glory by Esther Alice, one of her beautiful 3BOMs for 2018 .  Was hard to know which one to make first. Back ground  is a Kimono cotton a very very deep navy and salmon scallops a synthetic kimono fabric I think . Ive changed my border to Scallops instead of Zig Zags though.

First two scallop borders placed in place.

Of course this is not true to Esther’s design Morning Glory as I’m Zig Zaged out after LE and  so I’m using Esther’s scallops from one of her other designs her beautiful design Hearts Desirer First two scallop borders with iron-on fussing placed in place for my Morning Glory BOM with Esther Aliu 1 of 3 BOMs she has released this year for the price of 1, great bargain.


On point as it will be in the quilt top. Need to add the corner pieces now

On point as it will be in the quilt top. Need to add the corner pieces now.

Monday 8th Jan 2018


First corner and happy with fabrics first time,  yes these are the same as in the pattern LOL.



ALl  corners  made up. Need to add a iron on light weight stabiliser to back of my centre backing  material before I start the appliqué plus do the stitching to centre it.


As it will look in the quilt top on point. . Can not wait till Feb for the centre appliqué design. I’m baste stitching the directional lines this morning.

Hand 0

Doing some Hand quilting on my 1930 GMFG it’s Kingsize so I feel like I’m getting no where.  Not using a hoop just curled up and doing it in my lap very soothing thinking about the lady or ladies who made all these tiny hexagons nearly 100 years ago.  I have a poisoned leg so need to keep it up so getting a lot of quilting done.

Ive been looking at someone else’s WIP this morning that I picked up in the Opp Shop and wondering if I could finish them??? as if I don’t have enough of my own UFOs LOL

One of my mums I dug out last week? Love love those thread colours.

One of my mums I dug out last week? Love love those thread colours but will I ever work on it?


WOuld love to finish this Pola Bear cross stitch a beautiful animal  I have all ways been in love with.


NOt so keen on a CAR!!! But it is so close to been finished I’d love to finish it for the unknown needle women as the workmanship is beautiful.


yes a definite to finish these are adorable.


IVe all ways loved Irises so yes I must finish this beautiful book mark for the unknown embroider.

Thanks for visiting. I’m off to link with Esther now. Happy sewing every one Cheers Glenda


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UFOs in 2018

I’m in two challengers for UFOs this year.  Ufosin2018 with Lynette I have 18 in this challenge,  6UFOs and 6new with Anne and Meredithe. So that 24, I’ve completed three  so far but two were  not on my lists LOL


Beautiful hand made antique table cloth, had this for about 6years and when I saw it again on Friday a light bulb moment went off and I knew what to do with it


FIrst I cut away the centre leaving roughly just under 1/2inch from satin stitch oval.









Finishing the last rings

Finishing the last rings


My first UFO finish for 2018 finished on the 3rd of Jan 2018


ALl ri gs now completed and it’s in the WIPs pile to be quilted?


These are 7panels I bought in a Opp Shop they are so heavy, did not realise till I arrived home and really looked at them that they are made from rubber backed curtain fabric???  So had no idea what to do with the A’s they would be far to hot and would sweat as a bed quilt. So I put them in the two hard box LOL. Saw them in the attic on Friday and thought they would make a great beach blanket, no lining just as is but far to big so making  two beach blankets.


Working out how to place them?


Ok lets make 2 instead of 1!


FIrst one made, over locked these together so no raw edges under neath , overlooked all around the edges and I have my first Beach blanket, water proof and sand proof and another UFO done for 2018 but again this one is not on my list of 24!,


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WOWs or WIPs with Esther Wednesday 3rd Jan 2018

Ive had a very very frustrating couple of weeks computer wise with my iMac and my iPad first it was my iMac then my iPad decided not to recognise my password, it final disable me completely and Rod had to spend 2 1/2 hrs reinstalling every thing so it would work again, but my photos were all gone and I was very very sad yesterday about loosing 4 months of my photos which I used as a record of my work.  Then in the mail was a parcel from Denise in the USA with her lovely wall art she made from the last BOM of Esther’s last year.  It made me realise the photos were not with all that sadness and how lucky I was to be alive.  What a lovely lovely gesture which at first glance at Denise wall art quilt  turned my sad day in to a special day.

My Happiness quilt.

My Happiness quilt. Made by Denise in the USA



My first challenge for 2018 I’ve been  working on it each day, so far Iv’e done at least an hour and now I only have one ring to do WOW I’m very happy LOL

I have 3 more of these wee blocks to f

I have 3 more of these wee blocks to have enough blocks to finish quilt top, I was hoping to finish this quilt top before last year but it went to quickly, did this one last night nearly finished it, takes me two hrs to appliqué quilt one of these centre on.


Steam pressed it last night and it is laying perfectly flat.  Interesting seeing the first rings to the last ones, I sure learnt a lot about my machine and tension a great way to start machine applqiue  sewing as I normally only do hand sewing!

My tables are back

My tables are back, two over head hanging lights and a very large ceiling fan how spoils can you be.


My DGS resorting a wee vintage child’s sewing machine this morning Vulcan made around 1940  to 1950. It was mine


IN pieces all been cleaned and polished.  Afterwards he made a wee bag using it, he was fascinated with how it was built and worked.


MY eldest DGD aged 4 she is 18 now and I’m about to teach my youngest DGD 4 how to use it to make her first wee quilt.


He will turn in to a very large beautiful butterfly after eating all my leaves from my plant!


He’s 3inches long now.


DGS cleaning the carport roof for me This morning before the wet starts it was 33C and very dry.

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My Quilts to be that I’d like to work on in 2018!,


tStart to assemble these two Stack and Slash blocks. My design.

At last my Tree is finished and I will be able to h ang it as is this year before Christmas Day LOL

Quilt my Nancy tree 🌲 quilt. My design

Nancy sent me

Complete my mums hankie QAUG top. My design.

When Im hunting for some thing I love finding UFOs like this on e ?

Work on this darling cross stitch I started 25 years ago and miss placed LOL Such lovely colours.

What my border will look like I think LOL.

My Hearts Desire by Esther Aliu A BOM from 8 years ago!


The Secret Garden by Esther Aliu 2017 BOM


A Fan stack and Slash my design.


Finish machine satinstitching down these circles. My design


Work on this lovely BOM of Esther Aliu’s


Do some hand quilting on this top. My design









I have managed to applique the centres on to 1/4 of the outer ring over the last week but thats all

I have managed to applique the centres on to 1/4 of the outer ring over the last week but thats all

My antique Crazy Quilt

My antique Crazy Quilt

Little Hazel designed by Esther Aliu. Finally hand appliquéd my black bias around my outer circle it took me 3 1/2 hrs ????? This is just the centre !!!!

Little Hazel designed by Esther Aliu. Finally hand appliquéd my black bias around my outer circle it took me 3 1/2 hrs ????? This is just the centre !!!!

2016 challenge 365 quilty circles. Sew my last 90 tiny squares to make another quilt.

2016 challenge 365 quilty circles. Sew my last 90 tiny squares to make another quilt.

I made these wee 4patches in to 16

I made these wee 4patches in to 16

Was not happy with the large plante is unpicked part of it and added more padding

Was not happy with the large plante is unpicked part of it and added more padding


These blocks are just placed on yards of black fabric would like to make them in to a quilt top


some 1930 wee blocks I’ve been fixing, adding too and cutting to 4 1/2 inches. Need to start joining them.

ohhh gosh I’ve got to many LOL

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WOW or WIPs with Esther Wednesday 27th Dec 2017

My last Blog with Esther for 2017 and I’m going out with excitement !!!I have seen this WIP in my storage area for the last 10 years I use to use it when I was teaching. Today I decided to open it up I had stored it wrapped in layers of glad wrap so it was still flat and clean, below I will show you the stages of how I use to build up my stack and slash blocks when teaching. many of you will know this but this is for beginners.


Opening up some stack and slash blocks that have been stored for around 10 years?  What fun Ive had looking at these!!!!  Glad wrap removed.


Black pieces lifted off and laid out.


slashjed pieces lifted off and also laid out.


Ive taken one 1/8th pile and set them out to make a kaleidoscope what an IMPACT they make.  I have done this dozens of times and it still surprises and delights  me.



Noe add those pieces of black to make my kaleidoscope in to a square!


To my delight I found another set Id prepped,   I’d for gotten they were there?????


One set of my oriental fabrics WOW!!!!!!


adding the first black pieces I would sew these on first.


Then I would sew on the next 4 pieces to give me large triangles, then Id sew the two different sections together., Hmm I will take some more photo for you it will be easier to understand LOL

Sew black pieces to the white pieces to form triangles.



Join triangles to form squares


join two squares to end up with the below.


Join the last two pieces to form a square .




With the triangles you can swap them around one end of the triangles placed in to the centre


Same block of triangles but the green end of the triangle on the out side?   There is no way you would think they were the same triangle unless you are a kaleidoscope fanatic may be LOL


another set of triangles


same set but reversed!  Look closely and you will see this.


I lost an hour  playing here this morning.

Thank you all for visiting me over the last 12 months its been a great 12 months of  pleasure and fun to visit you all  over a coffee.  See you in the New Year all been well. Wishing you all the very best for 2018 with lots of sewing if you sew LOL Cheers Glenda who is off to link with Esther .



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WOW or WIPs with Esther. Wednesday 21st Dec 2018

  1. Christmas rushed in the back door so fast I nearly missed it. Family are all home and I’m loving it.  Wishing you a Merry Christmas and thank you all for visiting and sharing with me over 2017.
Take 3 wine glasses and

Take 3 wine glasses fill them with Christmas baubles turn them upside down and you have a lovely table centre.

Take 3 large glasses

Take 3 large glassesfill them with marbles and candles and You have candles for the Christmas table!

When Im hunting for some thing I love finding UFOs like this on e ?

When Im hunting for some thing I love finding UFOs like this one ?  I’ve not seen this fo r about 25years LOL All the threads were there plus a pit of needles!  And a very fragile pattern.  Notice the quilt it is hiding under I knew nothing about quilting back then!!!!!????

Ready to work on!

2days before I found this in the attic I had brought home a free standing tapesry wooden frame that was broken and I’d just finished repairing it!  It now has my cross stitch on it and I will work on it in 2018 as one of my 12 challenges.

This amazing Hand embroidered table cl

This amazing Hand embroidered table cloth came home in the wash this week, I’ve managed to remove all the stains except one and it’s not really noticeable any more, I can see this quilted I think it would be lovely as a single quilt top. Pressed and quilted it would be the perfect present for some one.

Close up

Close up, the embroidery is so perfect It took a while to work out the front from the back.

I bought these two sarongs the other day all I could see was quilts LOL. I thought they would be great to practice machine quilting on? They are rayon so may be a challenge for me?

I bought these two sarongs the other day all I could see was quilts LOL. I thought they would be great to practice machine quilting on? They are rayon so may be a challenge for me?

Both would mak Great Wall art.

Both would make Great Wall art.

Nancy sent me

Nancy sent me some Thimble-it pads this week in my Christmas card,  oh I could hug her they are WONDERFUL I can work twice as fast if not f aster using them, it’s like working with out a thimble but no picking of the finger undneath my work when quilting .  It felt so much part of me after several hrs quilting I forgot to take it off and woke up with it still stuck there on my index finger.

Update 1.30am Friday 22nd Dec Just finished my Christmas  Tree  in time to hang before Christmas Day.

I accidentally cut the right hand border ju st over a1/4 to short!!! It took me 2hrs to solv e the problem

I accidentally cut the right hand border just over a1/4 to short!!! It took me 2hrs to solve the problem,  by share fluke I found a 1/2inch scrap the matched all most perfectly, joined it with a 16th inch seam, but Iunpicked may be 8 times and that corner square is all bias seams not an easy fix LOL.


At last my Tree is finished and I will be able to h ang it as is this year before Christmas Day LOL

At last my Tree is finished and I will be able to hang  it as is this year before Christmas Day LOL. I’ve added a black floating edge around the centre before adding the border to make the border look more like a frame.


In the garden this morning.

Found him upside down in my wash basket this morning!

Found him upside down in my wash basket this morning!

Had to make thi s barrier

Had to make this barrier to keep my neighbours dog from peeing on the wee lawn and killing it. She’s very annoyed with me LOL

Hubby put the d rock chair in the water for me to lye on when my back gets to sore??

Hubby put the deck chair in the water for me to lye on when my back gets to sore?? Works really well.

Vanilla pod s ready for picking

Vanilla pods ready for picking and drying.

After 7 years it still flowers every day for me.

After 7 years it still flowers every day for me.

Rushing to link with Esther Aliu before it closes I forgot it was Wednesday yesterday!

Thank you all for dropping in.  Merry Christmas  All Glenda

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WOW or WIP’s with Esther 13th Dec 2017

A kilo of fruit so It will make a good size cake. It sure smells good and tastes even better LOL.

A kilo of fruit so It will make a good size cake. It sure smells good and tastes even better LOL.  It is now or was two Christmas cakes LOL

in the garden this morning.


Sun  filtering through the trees just after sunrise.


YES the wee folk live here?


and grow their own veggies?


My herbs are growing like weeds?



SPider orchid.


Close up of the spider Orchid.


This little fellow was inside this morning so caught him with my shirt and put him back out side, he looks l8ke a shrimp???

I’m guessing you are all like me trying to pretend Christmas is not 12 days away LOL


Just waiting to have it’s borders sewn on then I will hang it as is for Christmas at my entrance.


All appliqué down, after doing all those points my machine appliqué control is much improved LOL.


Working on Hearts Desire by Esther Aliu it was a beautiful mystery BOM around 7 years ago and I have been working on it ever since LOL. Remaking the scollop borders as I had used freezer paper back then but since then wash away freezer paper has come in and I think it will add a lot of body to the quilt as it is all silk, not to sure how I will go quilting through it though!!!


Prepping the silks with interfacing. Black on the right ready to use the other red and black pieces waiting for the interfacing.


    THis is the black silk it is patterned and very beautiful, one of the problems with silks is making sure that the are running the same grain. I have taken this photo on a different direction and it looks silver but is pitch black?  Red also has a lovely design on it. O

This red silk is very fine and soft but with the interfacing ironed on it becomes very manageable.

Re doing

Redoing scoolped edgems for the out side border of Hearts Desire first 4 I made 6 years ago with freezer paper and if I used it now I would have to remove it after appliqueing down, so removing it and adding washawayfreezer paper which can be left in, much quicker plus will add a ni ce weight stabilise to the quilt, not sure how difficult it will be to quilt though? First row at bottom is the old freezer paper I’m using to draft new scallops out of wash away freezer paper. Row above cut out silk fabric with interfacing ironed on.  3 row scollops with washaway ironed on , top scollops all ready to be appliqué to the black silk border.

What my border will look like I think LOL.

What my border will look like I think LOL. I have 4 of these borders to make, so many hrs, days, and weeks of hand sewing here.


This gives you an idea how this outer border is built up in silks.

My first QAYG block using the beautiful embroidery I saved from a old table cloth .

My first QAYG block using the beautiful embroidery I saved from a old table cloth . Built up with Appliqué then embroidery.  Most of the appliqué fabric has faded a great deal.


For some reason the wee brown leaves bothered me on these lovely old pieces so I pulled my silk paints and started to play???


And play some more, no more brown leaves?  Then I added a very thin out line in pink around the appliqué pink flower to highlight the shape, I’m happy with the way it looks now.  


Picked up in an opp shop last week with the original price tag still on it,  I have a friend who likes green!!!  So it will be in the post to her as soon as possible for her to cut up and make a bag or something in patchwork???  ??

Hope you are all going to be with family and friends over the next few weeks.  Cheers Glenda




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Nancy’s Tree Part 2 Dec 2017

Update 11.50pm Wednesday 6th Dec 2017 Part 2 of Nancy’s Xmas Tree wall art and how to make it for beginners.  Happy sewing every one Cheers Glenda


MY day is one mad dash as I try to go faster so I can squeeze some sewing in here and there LOL

3rd day at working on Nancy’s Xmas Tree.  Photo below in the right hand bottom corner you can see where Ive cut in to the fabric for some applique pieces, how am I going to fix this problem?




First I cut this fabric and added iron on fussing to it.


Next I added the dark green Thai silk fabric


So I need 4 triangles to make this work!


I then added a 1/4 inch black bias strip to either side of the coloured fabrics as a frame and it now looks like its part of the quilt not covering up holes LOL


Before and




Here I have some more fabric cut out for applique?????  Plus I want to make the top a little higher so I can work my star????


Added 4inchs extra fabric plus triangle.


Now we have a a Christmas Tree wall quilt coming alive.


Looks a bit like a dancing  Lady Tree now LOL  She is called Nancy!


Monday evening I have been appliqueing more drops down only 9 to go, and I sliced up my star fabric to iron down Nancy’s crown for machine Applique Im having so much fun.


Tuesday. Daylight photo taken as the sun creeps in to the room, it does show the true colours of the fabric up much nicer than night lights.   Only 5 petals to appliqué down now

I have started to machine applqiue the shapes down it is very slow so will not be done in a day LOL  Will let you know how it goes.  Cheers Glenda

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Playing at making a Xmas tree! 29th Nov. 2017

Wed 6th Dec just scrapping in as it will be Thursday in OZ in 15 mins LOL  I’m away from home baby sitting 2 of my DGD so not able to blog this week so sharing a Christmas wall art hanging Ive been making this week instead.

Last night I was dreaming Xmas trees?  Nancy has sent me gorgouse  green batiks Lots of them, they were meant to be scraps for leaves as I love making leaves (yep I’m strange) I was doing a dance when I saw  how big the pieces were and HOW much, I wanted to make some thing special that I would keep for myself!  So this is what I’m doing instead of putting two cakes in the oven this morning LOL  I will call it Nancy’s friendship tree.

UPdate 1pm Thursday 30th:- Problem solved Suzy link photo was of this tree yesterday on Esther’s WOW or WIP’s and I must have unconsciously seen it when I went in to check on the links. Ive just been in there again and straight away saw Suzy’s wee tree, I hope mine turns out as lovely as hers does.  I even have the same number of drops as Suzy’s does but my shapes are rather pregnantLOL  but have I been having fun making it up.  Suzy said the original was 3inchs high mine is 48 inch’s LOL

This is a tutorial on a Xmas tree that’s in m y mind, it’s step by step for beginners to follow, so LOTS of photos!



I have a Swarovski  Star I think I will hang above the top of the tree. I’ve drawn this on a piece of paper around 40inchs by 36inchs so my tree had to be that bigLOL  I first drew a very light triangle, point at the top then drew my trunk line,  .added some big drops then medium one and finally smaller ones till I felt that was enough.  If you look closely you can see I kept changing some of them?


I saw a Xmas tree like this years ago so if any of you know or recognise my memory tree please let me know so I can give them the credit, Suzy has a tree just like this one on her link with Esther this week so I must have seen the picture yesterday.




I spent over 1 1/2 hrs cutting the batiks in to square or oblong shapes then ironed fusing to the back of them all and have now started to cut out the shapes the fun part LOL. I’m using Glad wrap cling and seal to make up my shapes will show a photo of how I do that.


IT is so warm and humid the shapes are curling and rolling up, so weighing them down with rulers.

Going to make those cakes up and put them in the oven which I was going to do at 8.30am now 11.45am LOL  will keep updating as I make my Xmas Tree.


Using. The press and seal to draw my templates, using a permanent black marker, I now will lift the press and seal off the paper and press on to the top of my prepared fussed fabric and cut out the shape, very quick and actuate.i


After I have cut out the shape I number the back of the  shape and place it on my paper template.


THose two templates are now back on there numbers.


Slowly  she grows what fun this is. You can see that my trunk line end at the bottom in a drop shape. I think I will make a gold or silver bias for that part.


DRop is back on the bottom of the trunk.  Some Shapes look strange it’s because they start to curl when I leave the rulers off them it’s so hot and humid.


thats it for my day hope I can spend some time ironing these shapes to backing fabric tomorrow.  Making two fruit cakes for Christmas and this tree took all my time today!.  See you tomorrow may be LOL .


Here I have cut out the trunk so I can mark my fabric I will use for it.



IVe used some silver silk Obi belt fabric for the trunk. I’m


My Tree is called Nancy, and she looked naked with out a Star so have made one from the same fabric as the trunk?


i keep changing and adding!!!!!




And changing!  I have to keep the rulers on as I work as it’s so humid.


A quick photo with out the rulers, you can see the colour of the fab rich clearly here no reflection from the rulers.  I’m sure I will change pieces but this is roughly what it will look like.

Thanks for joining me. Cheers Glenda PS Will add part 2 on Sunday.

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WOW or WIPs with Esther 29th November 2017

I just realised that next WOW or WIPs will be in Dec!   Today I set the morning aside to make my first Christmas cake, I’d forgotten it was Wednesday!   I decided to make a litpght fruit cake this Christmas as the family prefers them mor3 than a heavy old English style one, so I’ve boiled up all the fruit and left it to so all the fruit will soak up all that fruit juice and brandy, more brandy than fruitLOL

A kilo of fruit so It will make a good size cake. It sure smells good and tastes even better LOL.

A kilo of fruit so It will make a good size cake. It sure smells good and tastes even better LOL

This avo I took time away from appliqué as I felt a headache coming so sat down with one of my 1960s hankie QAYG blocks while watching Ricky Tims shows.  I’ve been thinking a lot about these wee blocks think they real need more se curing as the edge of the hankie s are very frail, then Ricky showed how to use a sewing machine f Andy stitch on a Paris point and said you have these stitches why NOT use them, this triggered off a WHY not for me, and below you can see what happened.

Why not use those fancy stitches if you have them?

Why not use those fancy stitches if you have them? Block on the left I was quilting down the borders and watching Ricky Tims, back block a finished QAYG block under the sewing machine I’ve just used a pretty stitch to add strength to my block.


Backing fabric which wrap es around to form the front border is Japanese grass linen very strong but light, very fine linen hankie of my mums from around the 1960 1970,  a wee Dresden plate using reproduction prints.  Using a cotton batting.   What a difference these wee decorative stitches are going to make to how this quilt will ware.

Update managed to do that fancy machine stitch around 12 of the blocks I’ve completed last night so very happy. I have 4 more prepped and need to make up another 4 then I can join them all together.

Adding the fancy stitching has also inhanc ed

Adding the fancy stitching has also inhanced the back and given it some personality.  Now of course I will need to do it to all 20 blocks LOL

Sewing  not a great deal again to show as I’m still working on my SG centre.


A long way to go before I can think about joining my pieces up, but I hope to have My centre completed before 2018?

Where I stopped last night!

Where I stopped last night!

hoping to finish the stitching around the very centre tonight then it’s back to the last 4 flowers.


These flowers have kept me away from all other parts of SG and and thing else the last month but I think I will finish the centre before 2018.

close ups of some of those flowers. C60BACAE-8632-4304-9642-55F8805C7A8A972F8A50-1859-429B-B8FE-EC9E602B731F98F40C06-107F-49F6-808C-FDB929B71C189EA866DD-C1A2-4B42-80A5-03A530DB7A5E3CC5BDF9-C9DF-4316-B9C9-C8635CF6113B

Last night I spent 1 1/2hours pressing some lovely vintage doilies some were from my grans era  and some my mums.


Such beautiful needle skills in these precious pieces,  tonight I will need to do the larger pieces.  These need to be put away flat or rolled around a thick tube, not folded like the had been?

In the garden?


Where I’m sitting while I write up my blog this morning?


UNfortunitly the sandflies found me and  drove me inside .


Sadly I think the fish, tadpoles and other creatures living in the pond ate all the eggs before they had time to hatch, it it happens again I will rescue the eggs and let them hatch then release them back in to the pond as there are not a lot of these frogs around now.


Flowerball completely open now, How I love this treat twice a year.


At the moment we have splashes of colour every where.

Ferns are also producing masses of seeds on the underside of the leaves every seed could become a plant?



perfect shape for a appliqué flower! P


A unusually coloured Brom.


A very strong coloured Brom


stunning colour, these are growing like weeds this year.

From these flowers in the garden today you can see why my appliqué flowers are mostly very strong in colour LOL


THen there are months when we have nothing flowering and I have wee creatures scattered amongst the foliage but our neighbours young dog has demolished all but 3 of the wooden ones he’s only a pup and has free roam of our garden and they have made good chewing bones, I will wait till she is older before replacing them!

Thank you for dropping in to visit, more garden than sewing but it will soon be Feb and I will be back to lots of sewing time while it rains constantly.  Off to link up with Esther on her WO w or WIPs   Cheers Glenda


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Boerderie Perse Flowers 24th Nov 2017

Here you are Sobana!  I’ve used stem stitch, buttonhole stitch, colonial knots on a short and long stitch, and bullion stitch in the centre of several flowers.   I do use contrasting threads a lot rather than the same colour as the fabric.  I also change my thread colours a lot!   Cheers Glenda

D19DAF5A-D484-493C-85C6-24C07629EBD6 C60BACAE-8632-4304-9642-55F8805C7A8A D2714FE5-3573-4954-8CBC-C0D723CC685E 3CC5BDF9-C9DF-4316-B9C9-C8635CF6113B FB607D8F-B306-4797-9056-63426B055711 985B3D5D-8844-428D-9F0E-03F0DEF14368 972F8A50-1859-429B-B8FE-EC9E602B731F 8C7A2F75-119B-4FD8-A114-032DAE02AEE2 9EA866DD-C1A2-4B42-80A5-03A530DB7A5E BC8342F1-7FB8-485B-A5B5-79CFEAAA0888 074EF387-11DE-4351-8E79-11201756E678 98F40C06-107F-49F6-808C-FDB929B71C18 EBAA2ABC-2B75-441E-9F4F-DA7953779FF1 E2B5CE75-5C49-426C-A0B6-47BC11A52139 58ECBEA8-965A-46A1-A6DB-45FC80B48FB3

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WOW or WIPs with Esther 23rd Nov 2017

In 4 weeks my different families will be arriving here for Christmas and it just feels like they were here Christmas 2017!!!!

Last week flew in and out so fast I can not remember what I did and did not do LOL  I did work on my centre of The Secret Garden by Esther Aliu but not much else other than mending.

All leaves and petals appliqué down now the enjoyment of working on the flowers.


My  borderie  perse flowers finished I love doing the embroidery on them. Edges all buttonhole stitched and rest is done with stemstitch one of my favourite stitches.


I have placed the same flowers beside the finished flowers so you can see the difference after pencil painting and thread painting them!!!


Have added my next 3 flowers and have started to thread paint the saffron flower.

In the garden this week and this morning.


This is a area I have spent many many hrs cleaning up ready for the wet season that starts in Dec.  yes that is a surfboard seatLOL.


My young raintree I just love her and her roots she is around 30feet tall.

A large

A large helliconia in full flower which will last month and months then the plant will die.

A stunning flower that the honey birds love

A stunning helliconia flower that the honey birds love

Every day since it start3d to flower 10 years ago my water Lilly gives me a new flower each day

Every day since it start3d to flower 10 years ago my water Lilly gives me a new flower each day


My herb garden this morning it is so lovely to be able to just pick fresh herbs each day.


Our sunrises around 5.15am have been so beautiful this week.

What I woke up

What I woke up to this morning we had heavy rain in the night and the trees are so great full for it, I will not have to water the garden for a week or too now.



I remember my art teacher telling me when I was about 12 that there were more greens in the trees than we could count, looking down on to these trees on Saturday morning with the sun hitting som3 of the I was spell bound by all those different greens?  100s and 100s of them.


Every year for the last 20 years this bulb sends up these beautiful round red ball flowers that never cease to mazy me, this one is 1/2 open the centre is still to open.


A insect chewed through the stem of this one so I have the joy of it on my kitchen window sill.


This lovely piece of art was given to me on Sunday by a local artist, it is a very early pastel drawing of hers and I fell in love with the colours it is of the Kimberley’s in WA  and every time I walk past it I’m stopped by it.

Update 2.30pm


Just spotted in my pond, a local  striped marsh frog hatching  of eggs.  Below in the close up photo you can see the tiny babies just growing


Will keep you posted on their development this is a first for us.

Well not much sewing but lots of gardening done this week. Off to link with Esther now. Thank you for stopping by to say hello.  Cheers Glenda

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