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Corners of Peaceful Pathways 30th Oct 2011

For those of you dropping in, I’m away for a week been a tourist with our young lass from France. We are going to drive up from Brisbane in a Mini Cooper!!!!!!! and play tourists. QLD coastal road is full … Continue reading

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Tie shoulder bags 26th Oct 2011

We have just had a week of rain, all up over 12inches!!!!! which brought down old timers as the land was so waterlogged. But now the rain has gone and we have beautiful blue skies again with flowers shinning in … Continue reading

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Lake Tinaroo 19th Oct 2011

My gosh I have 20 minutes left till it is Thursday Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!! I spent most of the day sightseeing around Lake Tinaroo about 40 mins from here; although it was raining here it was a lovely day there if … Continue reading

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Hearts Desire a design of Esther’s 12th Oct 2011

I have just come in from the garden 8.40am. Spending 2hrs in the garden so early is a special time this time of the year, before it gets to hot. I have been weeding in the pool area and the … Continue reading

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Peaceful Path Ways and Hearts Desire 5th Oct 2011

Well it has been a full on week, it’s our month for birthdays; around 10 of them!!!!! When Oct arrives I know it is the count down to Xmas for me if I want to make any Xmas presents!!!!! and … Continue reading

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