WOW or WIPs with Esther 31st Jan 2018

To day will see the second part of Morning Glory one of 3 of Esther Aliu’s 2018 BOMS.  I’m excited and hoping it will be the pattern for inside the centre we made this month. But we will have to wait and see.  Yes it’s the centre YAYYYYYY and I have downloaded it about to cut and glue the pattern together after I finish writing up my blog.

Centre for Morning Glory one of Esther Aliu BOMS for 2018

Centre for Morning Glory one of Esther Aliu beautiful BOMS for 2018

12.30pm update Wednesday  31st Jan


TThis morning I downloaded part 2 of Morning Glory and I was so happy to see it was the appliqué centre. I spent the morning printing, cutting, glueing and taping it in to my te mplate. How beautiful it looks Thank you Esther so much.

Its been a great week sewing wise for me as our wet has started this means no more gardening till the wet is over around the end of April so hopefully lots of UFOs will get worked on.  This week it has mostly been Esther  Ali’s beautiful Diamond Hill blocks from a 2017 BOM ,


Started my big flower and saw such a difference from my machine quilting from 10 months ago I redid some of my big flower head!!! LOL


All the flower heads need machine appliquéing so glad now I never got to finish this back 10 months ago asI have a new to me Janomi which has lots more choices for machine applqiue and gives a much neater finish than my 50 years old Bernina.



Great to see this lovely block design completed.


Plus the 4th block so now all blocks are appliquéd down.

I have added a pink flan as I accidentally cut one of the blocks 1/2 inch to small so solved the problem this way rather than make another block?


joining those flan corners.


Unpick bottom black strip just far enough to slip pink flan under it.


Pink flan under the bottom black strip now add your top piece of fabric.


Black added and sewn down and pressed back


So Diamond Hill has grown All blocks are now at this stage next is adding the diamonds around each square!!!!


I made up a resting or storage block out of an old cardboard box, covered it with some cotton fabric I will never use and  felt on top to stop the pieces from moving or sliding off.


Its great to have all the pieces of DH in one place now!!!!

My last QAYG hankie Block so happy to have these all finished this month also.

My last QAYG hankie Block so happy to have these all finished this month also, just need to machine applqiue as well around the turned edge on this one and all blocks are done.  . .


All blocks near completion and waiting to be joined but not this month or next!


EAch  evening I try to add some hand quilting stitches to my 1930s GMFG.  Some one asked me how many flower?  So this morning I counted them, I think it is 56 and I have completed 35 so still along way to stitch  Each flower has  roughly 48 hexagons so that’s roughly 2688 hexagons I need to quilt inside of LOL.


I found a beautiful old lawn table cloth in an Opp shop it was badly stained but I was able to cut out these 4 blocks from the centre.


Set them this way and I have the centre for the start of a lovely quilt top!!!!!  May be a new quilt for this year !!!!!!


I started to watch a U tube on tips for machine quilters first one was make up a sample cloth of all your stitches on your machine,  so glad I listened as many of the stitches look quiet different to what they look like on the side of the machine !!!!! So Ive learnt a lot more about what I can do now.  Next exercise is to shorten and lengthen each of those stitches but thats another weeks sewing LOL  These took 2 hrs to do.


These black silver pieces came in tot he shop last week.  Ive dipped them twice in a  boiling water bath of Baking soda, salt, and tinfoil.


All the years of tarnish are gone but they need cleaning with silvo and buffing now but my hands are not strong enough any more so one of the other ladies is going to do that. May be next week I can show you them in all their glory back to life for another 20 years?

In the garden lots of lovely colour at this time of the year.  Including butterflies and birds.

DC61B0FF-F40D-4381-BB7E-1ADD21316AFC 595B86EE-1F2A-4D47-8D9D-D72DF4E286CC 90F0EF94-8332-41A5-829E-9C9D2B992486 C37242BB-7D21-4EDE-923A-BD8AAB834C63 D72DD0E8-D67A-461B-B106-077C51B9EA58 E4B38A76-3028-4C37-BE68-A969CF29FA6D 7AB008A6-D69F-4F76-A348-C154BCC44BEB FE29B115-41F2-4CAA-A74B-4977412E5CFB


3 days rain here? This wheel barrow was under the trees so much more rain fell than this.


Just as I was going to bed a few nights ago this giant centipede ran across the floor, there was not way I could catch him and no way I could sleep with him in the room, I was lucky enough to stop him but had to kill it which was sad. Other 1/2 slid under the wooden floor.


A very dead but big grass hopper.

Well it s taken me an hour to just upload the photos now I need to write some thing to go with most of the photos that will take me another hour.  Hope some of you made it to this far today LOL. Thanks for dropping in.  Off to link with Esther o f on her blog for WOW or WIPs on Wednesday’s.  If you have to time drop in so many wonderful links to visit.

Cheers Glenda.

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15 Responses to WOW or WIPs with Esther 31st Jan 2018

  1. Karen says:

    your flower blocks are so impressive against the black background – the colors are so vibrant and stand out even more so then if you had used a different color – I love them!

    • glenda says:

      Hi Karen, I really need to run out of pink tones of fabric and black LOL. Have a real thing for black fabric the last couple of year!!!! I just uploaded a photo of my template of this months appliqué pattern inside my background centre I made this month of Morning Glory it does like lovely, Just love this centre piece. Lots of leaves and berries. Plus two cherry thieves LOL. Been racing so much I’ve got hrs of sewing done, it’s like been house bound in the wet here? Cheers Glenda

  2. Gretchen says:

    Diamond Hill is so lovely, you’ve done a wonderful job with colors. Have a great week.

    • glenda says:

      Thanks Gretchen, I spent the morning download, cutting, glueing, and taping, part 2 of Morning Glory for my template, I was so happy to see part two was the appliqué centre of Morning Glory, really looking forward to making this centre up. I folded the template to fit in side my background centre I made last month an$ it looks lovely. Cheers Glenda

  3. Suzy Webster says:

    Your colors are terrific!

  4. Chris in Canada says:

    That pink flan is perfect.
    We just had more snow and it is -20C tonight. Great night to see the blue moon.

  5. Plum Cox says:

    What terrific blocks – both your diamond hill and your qayg hankies! You have been a busy bee! Always fun to see your garden and bugs too – much more exotic than mine! Lovely that you have such a positive attitude to the wet – and already so many plans for using your time! Thanks for sharing with us!

    • glenda says:

      Hi Plum sitting in 27C and steamy hot!!!!!. But not to hot to sew in LOL Trying to catch up on mail as I’ve been buried in my fabrics the last month and couldn’t get out LOL Lots of nasty bugs in the garden so I stay away from it till the dry starts again. Mossies and leeches are the worst at present. So yes I can love the wet as it gives me a wonderful excuse to play with my fabrics and Esther’s beautiful designs. Cheers Glenda

  6. Kyle says:

    Your new applique center is going to be gorgeous. It will be fun to choose fabrics and get stitching

    • glenda says:

      Hi Kyle, I fell for this centre big time for some reason and I’m not going to try and work out why Im just going to enjoy it LOL I spent yesterday morning making up the pattern took ages to cut, glue, and tape it all together, then I just had to cut out a few leaves and last night I sat and made 12 wee red silk cherries for 3 hrs LOL Those cherries will take longer to make than any other part on this block I know. SO making them now when I have plenty of time. I want to make blue birds so itching to start making those too! Cheers Glenda

  7. Julie Stocker says:

    Oh, I am in love with your appliqued blocks! Have been spending more time than one should on my computer today, but this was the highlight. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us. Just lovely!

    • glenda says:

      Hi Julie you just made my day saying that, some times I wonder about spending so much time writing here but when people say some thing like you did it makes it all worth while. LOL Its the snakes that I don’t like inside as I’m scared of them. LOL Cheers Glenda

  8. Helen Welsh says:

    Wow! Those appliqué blocks are just gorgeous 😍 the bright colors really pop against the black! Your appliqué work always blows me away! I love your other quilts too – sure is a lot of hexies 😆 so lovely to see your garden full of lush green growth and flowers, it was sleeting here for most of the day lol but I think you beat even our rainfall with that wheelbarrow so I can see where all that lush green is coming from. Definitely a good reason to stay inside and sew! Must admit I’m not a fan of the huge centipede – he woulda died in a hurry here & with no tears on my part lol have a great week,

  9. Deana says:

    I love your diamond hill done with a black background. I bet you were frustrated when you cut that one block too small. So so sad. At least you found a great fix. great

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