WOW or WIP’s 14th Feb

Some how this week flew in and out so quickly I’m not sure what I did sewing wise will have to check my camera LOL

OK I remember now I left you here last week.


My first machine applqiue flowers on my Morning Glory quilt by Esther.

I made a silk

I made a silk female Bluebird  but the silk is far to fragile and won’t  last so it’s back to the drawing board, may be a combination of this silk and cotton?


Ive started to add tiny flowers on the left hand side of the centre here.


then another leaf and a trailing end flower.  Plus a tiny bunch of flowers above them.



Close up of those tiny flowers.

Then I was on to my big blooms at last very exciting?

Such beautiful blooms!

Such beautiful blooms!

My first big bloom!

My first big bloom all machine appliquéd down.

My second big bloom irondown early this morning and still waiting to be machine appliqué down!

My second big bloom irondown early this morning and still waiting to be machine appliqué down! but it is 37C today so no machine sewing at present?  Slowly adding the cherries love hand appliqueing these cherries on.

I have

I have been playing around with my Queens Garden centre as my centre is to small due to using 15inch wide Kimono fabric so  I trying out different ideas to enlarge it so the first border will fit.  This border is not released yet but I’m just playing with roughly what it will look like?  I want to solve this problem now  so I can work on the next 4 parts been released over the next 4 months.


Yesterday cut out my next 5 backings for Morning Glory and ironed on the interfacing so I know I have enough fabric for all these blocks that will come out over the next 5 months !

Yesterday I scored big time for me

Yesterday I scored big time for me?  roughly 120 10inch blocks 40 Blocks in each pile and all small prints which I’m very j very short on. Specially the lights.  I’m in quilting heaven LOL SO I have a light, medium, and dark pile what more can you want LOL

I woke up to these this morning, what a great way to start a day. Happy Valentines every one!

I woke up to these this morning, what a great way to start a day. Happy Valentines every one!

In the garden this morning


Its so hot to day, they are having a heat wave down south and we must be getting some of it 37C out side so I’m not going there!!!!


In the very centre of the photo peeping up through the frangipani  is what we call a Koru in NZ its the young fern leaf coming up and will uncurl in to one very large  beautiful tree fern branches.


Fruit from one of the giant palms I will have to pick these all up before they start to ferment??????



wild native lilly.

Hubbys modern art fo r the garden?

Hubby’s modern art for the garden?

And his sense of humour

And his sense of humour? We just put in a new toilet seat and look where the old one is?????



First time I have ever seen this cactus flower????


look closely and you will see a cicada tucked up under a leaf?


My new ants are happy in their new garden LOL


Vanilla beans ready to harvest!

I ended up with a lu

I ended up with a large lump of Himalayan pink rock salt, I’ve been trying to smash it to use, I sure admire those Himalayan men who use to carry sack fulls down from the mountains to sell, they must have been as strong as Oxe’s this small rock was SO heavy.

Im off to link up with Esther now on her WOW or WIPs  thanks for visiting and I hope this week I will be able to return your visit.   Last week was a very hectic week and I did not get to answer any of my mail which I apologise for.  Cheers Glenda



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11 Responses to WOW or WIP’s 14th Feb

  1. Plum Cox says:

    Wow! Another busy week! Love to see the progress on your applique projects – and will look forward to seeing what you do with all those print squares, what a haul! Looks like you are going to stay busy, even if the heat is keeping you indoors! xx

    • glenda says:

      Hi Plum sorry I did not reply to your last message, for some reason this last week had so much happening we even forgot last Saturday was our 50th Wedding anniversary LOL I want use those 10inch wee florals for my DJ that I stope making as I had so little choice in fabrics and colours; especially lights. I so enjoyed playing and ironing them all, I just love it when you get a treasure trove given to you out of the blue like that. Have spent the day working on my Queens Garden such a lovely quilt design. I love the simplicity of it. CHeers Glenda

  2. Karen says:

    what will you use the pink rock salt for? I have seen lamps made out of this. love your garden photos yes your husband must have a sense of humor! your quilting is coming along and love the black background with those bright colors

    • glenda says:

      Hi Karen its used a lot here for cooking salt, most cooks prefer it to white salt, has a lovely flavour to it, specially nice to add to sandwiches. You have to grind it as it is not available here ground fine like white salt. It looks pretty too LOL. For some reason I seem to be making so many quilt tops with black!!!!! Didn’t plan it, it just happened LOL It sure makes the colours pop compared to beige back grounds. But I need to get back to softer colours LOL for my eyes if nothing else? Cheers Glenda

  3. Maggie says:

    Dear Glenda

    How big are your ants? They are adorable! Vanilla beans? I am in love. Do you dry them and use them in cooking? Your machine applique is looking beautiful.
    Love red roses, they remind me of the ones growing under my kitchen window.

    • glenda says:

      Those Ants are so cute and Pretty big Maggie and wee Indi loves them! LOL Yes we have the perfect climate most years to get the vanilla bean; we do cure them and use them in our cooking. Far to hot to grow roses here thats one thing I miss living here are the English garden flowers. But we have so many other beautiful things that make up for that? Really enjoying learning the machine applqiue but its difficult to go so slow when I’m use to sewing so fast on my machine when piece sewing LOL Have extreme high temps here at the moment all most up to the 40sC Never been this hot in the last 20 years I ahve been here. Hugs Glenda

  4. Kyle says:

    Your Machine appliquing around such detailed pieces is lovely. I can see that it would be very difficult. Your work is beautiful. I always enjoy seeing the plants in your garden so different from where I live.

    • glenda says:

      Hi Kyle, so sorry I did not reply last week, family needed a lot of my time, not sure how those last 7 days disappeared so quickly????? I’m not finding it difficult to machine appliqué those tiny pieces down but it is taking soooo long as it’s one stitch at a time!!!, and my machine is hardly moving LOL I sure could not make a living out of doing it LOL I have a very good light coming over my right shoulder right on the sewing needle so can see exactly where the needle is penetrating the side of the applqiue piece? Plants are looking lovely at present as we have not had rain for a week so it has dried out the garden but it has given us souring high temps which is hard to take, it was 37C yesterday! Hottest day that I remember here. Cheers Glenda

  5. Rhonda Jenkins says:

    Once again Glenda, your workmanship is amazing. I love your choice of colours. Are the flowers fussy cut from quilt Fabric? They are beautiful and compliment your work so well. Look forward to following your weekly updates. Thank you for sharing.

    • glenda says:

      Thanks for visiting Rhonda, those flowers are fussy cut out of some kimono fabric I have a roll of, its a heavy slub cotton and the flowers are stencilled on so bit like been hand painted so the colours are slightly different on each flower so gives them more movement over all and they are beautiful!!!. I’m so glad I still have them for some thing very special Like this centre of Esther’s Morning Glory. Cheers Glenda PS Your blog address is not here?

  6. Oh Glenda, what beautiful applique. You are doing a phenomenal job of both these qal’s. I also loved the photos of the garden things. We still have our February blanket of ice and snow and it will be a while before I see my garden blooms again. Always nice to see others share their gardens esp. this time of year. Happy Stitching!

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