6 old and 6 new Projects with Meredithe and Anne. 24th Jan 2018

Yesterday Wednesday 31st Jan I was working mostly on Part 2 of Morning Glory, like many of you I was not going to start any new projects this year and here I am doing two of Esther’s new releases in 2018 LOL  So these two will be part of 6 new projects this year for me.  I have several other new to me projects that I would like to finish for unknown sewers that I may use for my new projects.

Thank you Anne and Meredithe

6 & 6 in 2018

for a fun challenge for 2018  Thanks for giving up valuable sewing time to run it for us all.

I have SOOOO many UFO’s it’s going to be difficult to pick only 6!!!!!

number 1

This has been waiting several years to be quilted?

This has been waiting several years to be quilted?

Nimber 2

Turn the right 4 panels in to a beach rug

Turn the right 4 panels in to a beach rug.  Found these 7 strips in a opp shop they are made out of rubber backed curtain fabric, to heavy to put a backing and wadding too but will make great beach rugs water and sand proof!

Number 3


Started this years ago!!!!!!  Would like to add to it?????

Number 4

The Secret Garden I’d like to do more on this quilt top to be of Esther Alius 2017 BOM


The Secret Garden by Esther Aliu 2017 Mystery BOM

Number 5



Do some more work on this 2017 BOM of Esther Aliu’s

Number 6


One of my QAYG logcabin quilt tops I rescued from an Opp Shop Needs to be finished sewing together.

New projects

Number 1

First block of a BOM Queens Garden by Esther Aliu I’ve loved doing this block.

Queens Garden BOB for 2818 by Esther Aliu

Number 2.

Centre for Morning Glory one of Esther Aliu BOMS for 2018

Centre for Morning Glory one of Esther Aliu BOMS for 2018

This month I worked on both my new projects

First block of a BOM Queens Garden by Esther Aliu I’ve loved doing this block.

First block of a BOM Queens Garden by Esther Aliu I’ve loved doing this block.


part 2 arrived yesterday and I spent some time printing cutting, glueing, and taping my template for it . So that ends Jan 2018 .

It was a great start to 2018  Our wet season has started it which me and most days house bound so for me it’s a great time of the year as I get so much sewing time LOL .  Hope every one else had as much fun. Thank s again Meredithe and Anne   Cheers Glenda




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12 Responses to 6 old and 6 new Projects with Meredithe and Anne. 24th Jan 2018

  1. You always have so many lovely projects…I did not link up with their challenge at the beginning of the year but started on a post for this month. I find it hard to pick six so I may just leave it open ended …I didn’t finish my 17 in 2017 LOL ! 🙂

    • glenda says:

      Hi Deb well I’m glad I’m not the only one that missed joining up with 6old and 6new. I guessing we wont be the only ones. Thought I’d better write mine up now or I’d be late again I just have to remember to check in at the beginning of Feb now!!!!!! Dropped in to visit your blog and see you have written up ready to link all ready too. looking forward to see the UFO’s you picked. Was not able to leave a message as my computer started asking me pass words and they are down stairs in my book!!!!! I can never remember all the passwords you need when you are online????? I really like your Rose of Shanon, what size is it, those blocks look quiet big? Cheers Glenda

  2. Karen says:

    so many! love your Secret Garden and the Queens Garden – love that color combo with the dark background.

    • glenda says:

      Hi Karen our wet season has started so will spend a great deal of time inside all day till it is over, its gumboot time when you go shopping, I went up to the chemist a couple of days ago in sandals had to take them off and go bear feet as the water was running over my feet when it poured down while I was up there. I felt like a child playing in the water when I shouldn’t have been LOL Hoping to finish some UFO’s in the this wet season. First leech got me two days ago so they are back all ready and the mossies will be here in a few weeks in abundance too. Have been hand quilting my GMFG for two hrs each evening but there is still so much left to do, I think some one is unpicking it when I’m sleeping LOL Hugs Glenda

  3. Maggie says:

    Dear Glenda

    WOW! I am sticking to working on all my WIP’s this year. As beautiful as all of the are, I have to make room for the new ones. The only way that is ever going to happen, is if some of the others actually gets done, LOL.

  4. Lots of lovely projects – I am sure you will have fun working on them! Thank you for joining Meredithe and me for our 6&6 challenge!

  5. Ooh, these are ALL fabulous! I really love your first block for Queen’s Garden. I’m dying to start on mine but I have a whole bunch of other stuff that I have to get done first…

  6. Clare Moore says:

    These are beautiful projects Glenda. I love your Esther Aliu’s work and have been trying to resist starting the latest BOM 2018. Told myself if I finish my current applique block then maybe…. You have done very well for the month.

  7. audrey says:

    I just love coming over here to see all your beautiful works in progress! The beach rug is so fascinating and of course all the gorgeous applique. Drool!!!

  8. Deana says:

    This post has a wealth of eye candy for quilters. I think your beach rug idea is fabulous!

    Your little snowman project should be a quick finish. It doesn’t look too big and it is darling!

    You and I both need to finish up Esther’s Diamond Hill quilt. I have it in my goals to complete two corners of the applique’ one month and the other two another month. I don’t know when those months will be drawn (they are in a monthly draw number challenge and listed as numbers 2 & 3). Your Diamond Hill is SO GORGEOUS!

    I purchased Esthers Secret Garden pattern but won’t start it until I complete Diamond Hill. I can only have one major hand project at a time. I also wanted to see how it all turned out since it was a mystery. Some of her patterns are a bit too busy for my taste so I wanted to see it before starting it. It is LOVELY!

    All in all I enjoy following your progress. You do hard things that are so stunning.

  9. Pamela says:

    Gorgeous projects!

    • glenda says:

      Thank you Pamela, this is the time of the year I’m house bound so lots of sewing gets done. I was planning on visiting Kamakura for 4 weeks in June this year but my knee is not good enough to climb all the steps so will not make it. I’m very disappointed but I hope I will get back one more time. Cheers Glenda

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