WOW or WIP’s with Esther 24th Jan 2018

First block of a BOM Queens Garden by Esther Aliu I’ve loved doing this block.

First block of a BOM Queens Garden by Esther Aliu I’ve loved doing this block.

On Sunday my blog was wiped out completely it no longer existed, I was devastated, at first I thought the server was down then it said the plug was pulled on this site????? My hubby spent two hours Monday night talking with our server who was able to recover all my data and reinstall it over 7 hrs except for the last 3 blogs of this month!!!!!  I’m pretty washed out over it all knowing that this can happen.  Luckily we pay for my blog to be backed up on our server but if we hadn’t nearly 10 years of my sewing records would have been gone.  It’s making me re think about printing of some of the quilts I’ve made and going back to sticking them in an album!!!!  Of course it happens but I just was not awear of it????  SO if you want to keep all your blog records safe do a back up your self or pay your server to do it for you.  Rod put all my files from my blog on a disk last night for me and I feel a lot happier knowing i have it, now I need to put it in a safe place and remember where that place is LOL

Mums Jacobean runner

Mums Jacobean runner finished so happy I was able to rescue this piece of her work for some one use and to enjoy.

A week ago my DGD 4 .,

A week ago my DGD 4 made her first quilt top on the little hand machine on the table.

On Sunday she spent the day with me and we turned

On Sunday she spent the day with me and we turned that wee quilt top in to a quilt.  she has mastered the feed in to the needle so well I let her sit at my Janome and sew this in to a quilt top, I pressed the treadle and she did every thing else.

I finished machine

I finished machine appliquéing my Queens Garden block except for the circles on the crown.

As I’m learning to machine

As I’m learning to machine appliquéing I’m writing down the width and length of my stitches I do on each project, I’m so glad Ive done this as I for get  what I did after a-couple of days.

What a difference a day makes!!!!!

What a difference a day makes!!!!!  Applqiueing those wee circles down with a double applqiue stitch in side each other give depth, texture, and a sparkle to them.  Was Jenny’s ( Henry) idea.


Love how the maching appliqué has turned my yellow looking holes in to tiny wee Jems, I hope to get the other 6 done to day then the block is completed it was such a delight to make, Thank you Esther.

Taken in day light

Taken in day light

This month have finished off hand quilting 3 more 1930 GMFG flowers just love th ese quant fabrics from the 1930’s.

BF4D42D1-202D-47C3-8324-56F6B89E23E8 C8631B8C-35BE-4BC0-857E-E38D0CF06929 96E18EB3-DA82-4EC1-AF37-5785B9B27281

On my window last night!

On my window last night!

In the garden this morning After a weeks rain every thing is starting to look so lush again.

E3FCECA2-77D5-4980-84F4-A63EBA9E1486 68E3A6D1-0090-47FA-98E8-DE544BDA95A7 D9EF8B46-76FE-4F66-974B-5570C7C76317 9FDCE416-A591-4C21-A6DB-265F9AD2E162 E8EDC1DB-BAEC-4E16-9AFE-1A8EC5BF408F F486F430-FDAE-4FEA-AAC0-B1CD9CC59E77 08035920-D4A9-45BC-975B-E3B21F223F1E 243C008B-CB6C-49B5-B777-5E483AE4E9AC

Vegetation grows on dead trees or alive ones every were you look in the wet.

D035422E-4E02-48F7-BF4D-853E30DDE9F2 15797C7F-0153-462A-A6C8-D7F45FE6B355  51FBD066-9EA4-4E9D-A46A-C5B34EBAE50B 8AD29B65-78D7-4C56-9BB6-2A808355AF2C

Thank you for dropping in, now going to link with Esther on her WOW or WIP’s on Wednesday.  This blog took a lot to write after loosing all my blog on Sunday, but I think I will be OK now that I have written my first one since then.  Cheers Glenda

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10 Responses to WOW or WIP’s with Esther 24th Jan 2018

  1. Maggie says:

    Dear Glenda

    I enjoyed your Grand Daughter’s Quilt! Only 4 years old, WOW! On those see little circles, did you use blanket stitch? It looks amazing. Love all the colour in your garden.
    How much more do you need to do on your Grandmother Garden Quilt?

    • glenda says:

      Hi Maggie thanks for dropping in as I know how busy you are, loved your snow photos. On my new to me Janome about 10 years old is a left and a right double sort of blanket stitch, it does a double stitch on the edge one stitch forward one back one forward then one stitch side ways, only a single in to the fabric, it makes a wonderful edge to the appliqué. Took ages to get use to the back stitch though. I did use it on the wee yellow circles painfully slow one stitch lift foot, move block all the way round both rounds. GMFG I keep thinking I’m nearly 1/2 way but then there’s more LOL. I was going to spread it out and count them to day but never got around to it. Thought I’d get it finished last year but NO it’s still more to do? Hugs

  2. Gretchen says:

    Loosing the blog? That had to be terribly shocking. I’m glad you were able to get the information back. Your Queens Garden block is lovely. I love the fresh green colors of the plants and flowers around your home. Happy stitching!

    • glenda says:

      Hi Gretchen so nice to hear from you. Hope you are keeping warm as I’m hearing even the lower states are having it cold this year so it must be tough up your way going out to the animals every day. I did not see a blog last week and the week before was very short so hope you are OK. I’m still in shock over my blog been wiped out I just couldn’t believe it. 10 years gone just like that. Thank goodness we pay our server to back it up for us. I need to rewrite the last 3 or 4 weeks though. Really enjoyed making that centre of Queens Garden it went so smoothly except for the tiny circles LOL. Yes the place is looking very very lush at present, I will be moaning about the wet in a few months time, first leech got me to day!
      Hugs Glenda

  3. Karen says:

    I never even think about loosing a blog and wonder how that happens. I have an external hard drive that I use to back up my computer every now and then and thought that was backing up the blog to but Mike just told me no that doesn’t back up the blog but it does have all my photos so that is good. I have heard of some people making a book at the end of the year from the their blog and you go to a site and select some of your blog post and photos and make them into a book – I think that would be pretty but very pricey I bet if you blog as much as I do lol
    love all your photos as always

    • glenda says:

      Hi Karen yes it was pretty shattering thank goodness we have the option to pay to have my blog backed up on the server I use, Rod has also done a back up for me on a USB now and will do a back up of it every 6 months from now on. Like you I though.t it was been backed up on to my external drive! We live and learn, one thing I learnt it’s not uncommon to happen either. They call it a clutch ??? ,!! I’m also thinking of having some photos printed of some of my quilts as I do forget what I’ve made and who has them LOL. I have very only about 3 I’ve kept over the years. Our wet has come which means been in doors a lot more so I’m happy spending it sewing. Bit like been snow bound but not cold or for as long as they do in Canada and Alaska. Hugs Glenda

  4. Oh my goodness! I can only imagine how devastating it would be to have your blog disappear like that! Now I have to ask my husband to help me figure out how to back up my blog. It’s like my sewing record, my journal, and my family photo albums, all in one! Your applique is gorgeous and I love your little froggy visitor!

    • glenda says:

      Hi Rebecca you can check and see if you pay your server to back up your blog, My hubby has since done a back up for me on to a disk, you can use a USE stick as well and do this monthly or every 6 months depends on how much you blog. Our server was able to reload it all till The 1st of Jan this year? That would have been when they did the last back up of it? If you have a external hard drive your photos will be there but not your blog. We live in Froggy paradise here, there are 1000s of them as we live on the edge of the rain forest plus our neighbour has a huge Lilly pond for them to breed in, some nights we have to shut the windows and doors if we want to listen to a movie or TV LOL thanks for dropping in and say hi. Cheers Glenda

  5. Kyle says:

    So glad you got your blog back and now backed up. Your first block is gorgeous especially those great colors on the dark background.

  6. Lynette says:

    Oh, wow! I’m glad you were able to get almost all of your blog back. How upsetting! That is so sweet, the little quilt your granddaughter made with you. 🙂 I love the black background for your Queen’s Garden. I got some fabrics to start one, but I think it’ll be a couple weeks before I have things prepped to start sewing.

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