WOW. Or WIPs with Esther 17th Jan 2018


1/2 way through January and it’s start3d to rain here at last, I think the wet has arrived so that means I can not do any gardening, I’m house bound all most: fantastic, I get to sew a lot more LOL. To day I was even with out the internet for 18 hrs till 2.30pm today, so I was able to sew and sew from 7am this morning.  First it was machine appliquéing the corners of my Morning Glory.


Appliqué the four corners down and rolled it around a swimming noddle till Feb 1st !!  This way it will stay nice and flat.  Actually I lie the quilt centre facing down before rolling it up.


All rolled up and labelled.

Next was machine stitch around the turning of mums antique hanky 5 blocks we’re waiting that I’ve done this year of QAYG .

I have 3 more of these wee blocks to f

Not sure if these are the last on es or if I have two mor e to go. Will lay them out later?

Then it was on to trying to quilt the puckers out of my mums Jacobean embroidery sample wall hanging I came across earlier in the month when looking for some thing else!  She added some batting behind it as she embroidered it, not sure why but it has plucked badly.  Going to try cross hatch quilting it to see if I can get it to lay flat .


What it looked like when I rolled it open, it’s about 50 years old and I’d like to rescue it so it can be hung?


I have smoothed and pinned heavily and stared the machine quilting .

Four more hours later!

Four more hours later! And it’s laying a lot flatter, it was slow going so that I did not pucker it more.


Well the crosshatch quilting worked, it’s laying nice and flat, had to sew a few tucks in to get the bad pucks out but it looks really nice,  it took me 6 hrs to ge5 to this stage as I have to smooth each little area as I go but it’s been worth it to see it becoming some thing that many would like to have now. Hopefully I will finish it tomorrow.


Made the centre of Queens Garden the night the pattern was released, I just had to make it, such a stunning centre.



I could not leave it alone LOL


All ready to be machine appliqué .  If the rain stays and I loose the internet again I might get it done next week?

Each evening this week I have done 3hrs of hand quilting on my 1930 GMFG.

Each evening this week I have done 3hrs of hand quilting on my 1930 GMFG. Notice how some of the green fabrics have faded so much, dark green are cotton poly and have not faded.

Tuesday week ago I found a bag of cross stitch, threads and patterns all dumped in a plastic shopping bag, I brought them home and spent several hours sorting patterns, threads, and crossstitch pieces together,  I hope to work on the all one day and finish them for the unknown embroiderer.

B2D16262-4655-4789-982C-F9DC4696481B 570BBB42-8F79-4796-A50E-7961C4D7C489 9ED57D1B-C397-4758-B245-6635C77B747C 857788D0-21ED-484C-9085-EC854C6D859B

Nothing to show in the garden far to wet but this Chappy must have been trying to escape the heavy rain and found a spot in our sun room!

Som e kind of borer battle about 3inchs long very h and shell

Som e kind of borer battle about 3inchs long very h and shell.

Off to link with Esther on her WOW or WLPs .

Thank you for visiting and reaching the  end LOL

Cheers Glenda


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10 Responses to WOW. Or WIPs with Esther 17th Jan 2018

  1. Plum Cox says:

    What a lot of projects you have – and what great progress you are making on them all! How lovely that your mum was a stitcher too. Lovely that you are rescuing her work that would otherwise stay unseen. Your QG centre is fantastic – love the way that your chosen colours pop.
    Well done for staying cheerful even with the rain coming down! xx

  2. Karen says:

    love all the projects you have going and the stitchery’s too. I think it would drive me crazy to have it raining every day – and it sounds like it last for weeks.

  3. Such a wide variety of projects and so much accomplished. All lovely and I especially enjoyed seeing that Jacobean project ; glad that you were able to fix it. It’s just exquisite!

  4. Robin says:

    That’s quite the beetle. The picture makes it look rather big. Is it posing for you or did it . . . . kick the bucket? I love the machine quilted floral embroidery piece. You’ve turned it into an heirloom.

  5. Lorraine says:

    Wow, huge post! and two of Esther’s quilts started. Congratulations! Looking good!!

  6. audrey says:

    Great fun to start a project that pulls at you so much! Love to see your progress on all the beautiful projects.:)

    • glenda says:

      Hi Audrey have started Morning glory and Queens Garden this year and have completed both of this months parts just hope I can keep it up???? You can see them on my blog for this week. Cheers Glenda

  7. Lynette says:

    I just love so much that you’re finishing other people’s work. It’s a very nice feeling, isn’t it – that special connection between makers, even when we don’t know the other one. Your Queen’s Garden colors are gorgeous! I just caved in on that project. It’s too pretty, and at the price of Free, I couldn’t pass it up when I kept seeing folks post their starts. I’ll have to wait for my fabrics to arrive. I’ll do about 1/2 Kaffe Fassetts and the rest out of stash.

  8. Deana says:

    I don’t know where to begin because they are all such wonderful projects! The corners of Morning Glory are stunning – wow!

    • glenda says:

      Thanks Deana Morning Glory and Queens Garden are going to be 2 of my new projects for 6 old and 6 new with Meredithe and Anne this year. I forgot to list my 6 old at the beginning of the year so will now have to wait till Feb. I have just finished the two start blocks for Morning Glory and Queens Garden doing both by Machine applique. So much to do and so little time LOL Cheers Glenda

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