Playing at making a Xmas tree! 29th Nov. 2017

Wed 6th Dec just scrapping in as it will be Thursday in OZ in 15 mins LOL  I’m away from home baby sitting 2 of my DGD so not able to blog this week so sharing a Christmas wall art hanging Ive been making this week instead.

Last night I was dreaming Xmas trees?  Nancy has sent me gorgouse  green batiks Lots of them, they were meant to be scraps for leaves as I love making leaves (yep I’m strange) I was doing a dance when I saw  how big the pieces were and HOW much, I wanted to make some thing special that I would keep for myself!  So this is what I’m doing instead of putting two cakes in the oven this morning LOL  I will call it Nancy’s friendship tree.

UPdate 1pm Thursday 30th:- Problem solved Suzy link photo was of this tree yesterday on Esther’s WOW or WIP’s and I must have unconsciously seen it when I went in to check on the links. Ive just been in there again and straight away saw Suzy’s wee tree, I hope mine turns out as lovely as hers does.  I even have the same number of drops as Suzy’s does but my shapes are rather pregnantLOL  but have I been having fun making it up.  Suzy said the original was 3inchs high mine is 48 inch’s LOL

This is a tutorial on a Xmas tree that’s in m y mind, it’s step by step for beginners to follow, so LOTS of photos!



I have a Swarovski  Star I think I will hang above the top of the tree. I’ve drawn this on a piece of paper around 40inchs by 36inchs so my tree had to be that bigLOL  I first drew a very light triangle, point at the top then drew my trunk line,  .added some big drops then medium one and finally smaller ones till I felt that was enough.  If you look closely you can see I kept changing some of them?


I saw a Xmas tree like this years ago so if any of you know or recognise my memory tree please let me know so I can give them the credit, Suzy has a tree just like this one on her link with Esther this week so I must have seen the picture yesterday.




I spent over 1 1/2 hrs cutting the batiks in to square or oblong shapes then ironed fusing to the back of them all and have now started to cut out the shapes the fun part LOL. I’m using Glad wrap cling and seal to make up my shapes will show a photo of how I do that.


IT is so warm and humid the shapes are curling and rolling up, so weighing them down with rulers.

Going to make those cakes up and put them in the oven which I was going to do at 8.30am now 11.45am LOL  will keep updating as I make my Xmas Tree.


Using. The press and seal to draw my templates, using a permanent black marker, I now will lift the press and seal off the paper and press on to the top of my prepared fussed fabric and cut out the shape, very quick and actuate.i


After I have cut out the shape I number the back of the  shape and place it on my paper template.


THose two templates are now back on there numbers.


Slowly  she grows what fun this is. You can see that my trunk line end at the bottom in a drop shape. I think I will make a gold or silver bias for that part.


DRop is back on the bottom of the trunk.  Some Shapes look strange it’s because they start to curl when I leave the rulers off them it’s so hot and humid.


thats it for my day hope I can spend some time ironing these shapes to backing fabric tomorrow.  Making two fruit cakes for Christmas and this tree took all my time today!.  See you tomorrow may be LOL .


Here I have cut out the trunk so I can mark my fabric I will use for it.



IVe used some silver silk Obi belt fabric for the trunk. I’m


My Tree is called Nancy, and she looked naked with out a Star so have made one from the same fabric as the trunk?


i keep changing and adding!!!!!




And changing!  I have to keep the rulers on as I work as it’s so humid.


A quick photo with out the rulers, you can see the colour of the fab rich clearly here no reflection from the rulers.  I’m sure I will change pieces but this is roughly what it will look like.

Thanks for joining me. Cheers Glenda PS Will add part 2 on Sunday.

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3 Responses to Playing at making a Xmas tree! 29th Nov. 2017

  1. Pamela says:

    This is great! Love the bright colors.

  2. Barbara says:

    I love your use of the Press and Seal. I have never seen that before. My roll stays in my quilting room, for all kind of uses. Thanks

    • glenda says:

      So glad it was some thing you had not seen or done before Barbara, Ive done a record of taking photos making this tree step by step for those who are new to applqiue, and its fun when we learn something new even for us who having been doing applqiue for years Cheers Glenda

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