Boerderie Perse Flowers 24th Nov 2017

Here you are Sobana!  I’ve used stem stitch, buttonhole stitch, colonial knots on a short and long stitch, and bullion stitch in the centre of several flowers.   I do use contrasting threads a lot rather than the same colour as the fabric.  I also change my thread colours a lot!   Cheers Glenda

D19DAF5A-D484-493C-85C6-24C07629EBD6 C60BACAE-8632-4304-9642-55F8805C7A8A D2714FE5-3573-4954-8CBC-C0D723CC685E 3CC5BDF9-C9DF-4316-B9C9-C8635CF6113B FB607D8F-B306-4797-9056-63426B055711 985B3D5D-8844-428D-9F0E-03F0DEF14368 972F8A50-1859-429B-B8FE-EC9E602B731F 8C7A2F75-119B-4FD8-A114-032DAE02AEE2 9EA866DD-C1A2-4B42-80A5-03A530DB7A5E BC8342F1-7FB8-485B-A5B5-79CFEAAA0888 074EF387-11DE-4351-8E79-11201756E678 98F40C06-107F-49F6-808C-FDB929B71C18 EBAA2ABC-2B75-441E-9F4F-DA7953779FF1 E2B5CE75-5C49-426C-A0B6-47BC11A52139 58ECBEA8-965A-46A1-A6DB-45FC80B48FB3

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10 Responses to Boerderie Perse Flowers 24th Nov 2017

  1. Thank you so much Glenda! This makes it so clear. I also checked in wiki to know what broderie perse is and learnt quite a bit! So one doubt! Do you cut out an existing flower from a print and use it or do you use Esther s template and use the fabric to make it to that shape!

    • glenda says:

      Sobana for The Secret Garden blocks I used Esther’s design through out but made up my own flowers, some times I cut out a flower from the fabric and then cut off parts of it to make the flower smaller or to alter the shape, some times I will add leaves to or around the flower, or even add a petal to give it the balance I want. I make butterflies out of petals look closely at the butterfly I added, they are petals from a flower and then I added the body with satin stitch and some stem stitches to make the antennas, Then I would place the flower where the original flower is in the design using Esther’s design of the vase and stems. My centre is all Esther’s design except for the flower heads I made, it’s all about trial and error, looking at others work, watching endless utube videos, joining online groups on embroidery, so how they build up their pieces and then choose some way that appeals to you and study just that way till you master it then add to that. I lived in a very isolated area for 6 years 27 years ago and had to fill in 6 days a week on my own from 6am till 6 pm so I taught my self how to make fancy stitches, from books, magazines, made them up , I embroidered 12 12 1/2 inch blocks drawing different hearts in each one and after that many blocks my stitch es had become uniform and very small it was just practice and more practices but I was having fun and learning all self taught LOL. There was no online tubes back then now you can goggle any thing and some one will show you how to do it!!! Cheers Glenda

  2. Gretchen says:

    Your embroidery is beautiful on these flowers. It is a good thing you have all the colors you do, you’ll always have the right color. Happy stitching this week!

  3. Karen says:

    love your stitches on your flowers – such detail – it adds so much to the flowers

  4. Linda Dutch says:

    These flowers are so pretty, love all your added stitching! I’m just starting out, adding some ‘boho’ embroidery to my floral blocks, thanks for the inpsiration!

  5. Shez says:

    wow such beautiful work Glenda,well done xx

    • glenda says:

      Thanks Shez, I just love working on The Secret Garden, also loved working on Diamond Hill but hav e shelved it to consentrate. On SG. Hope your leg is getting easier to walk on, just go slowly if you can LOL how can one go slow at this time of the year. Thinking of you. Cheers Glenda

  6. Kyle says:

    What beautiful stitching to emphasize each broudrie perse flower

  7. Rachel Atienza says:

    These photos are so helpfull Glenda, I just came across your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    • glenda says:

      Hi Rachel so nice of you to visit. Enjoy browsing back through what I have been up to over 2017 and hope you will keep visiting in 2018 which looks like a very exciting year playing with fabrics for me LOL I’m going to join up with Meredithe and Ann again doing their 6UFO’s and 6 new projects one for each month of 2018 should be fun. Cheers Glenda

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