WOW or WIPs with Esther 23rd Nov 2017

In 4 weeks my different families will be arriving here for Christmas and it just feels like they were here Christmas 2017!!!!

Last week flew in and out so fast I can not remember what I did and did not do LOL  I did work on my centre of The Secret Garden by Esther Aliu but not much else other than mending.

All leaves and petals appliqué down now the enjoyment of working on the flowers.


My  borderie  perse flowers finished I love doing the embroidery on them. Edges all buttonhole stitched and rest is done with stemstitch one of my favourite stitches.


I have placed the same flowers beside the finished flowers so you can see the difference after pencil painting and thread painting them!!!


Have added my next 3 flowers and have started to thread paint the saffron flower.

In the garden this week and this morning.


This is a area I have spent many many hrs cleaning up ready for the wet season that starts in Dec.  yes that is a surfboard seatLOL.


My young raintree I just love her and her roots she is around 30feet tall.

A large

A large helliconia in full flower which will last month and months then the plant will die.

A stunning flower that the honey birds love

A stunning helliconia flower that the honey birds love

Every day since it start3d to flower 10 years ago my water Lilly gives me a new flower each day

Every day since it start3d to flower 10 years ago my water Lilly gives me a new flower each day


My herb garden this morning it is so lovely to be able to just pick fresh herbs each day.


Our sunrises around 5.15am have been so beautiful this week.

What I woke up

What I woke up to this morning we had heavy rain in the night and the trees are so great full for it, I will not have to water the garden for a week or too now.



I remember my art teacher telling me when I was about 12 that there were more greens in the trees than we could count, looking down on to these trees on Saturday morning with the sun hitting som3 of the I was spell bound by all those different greens?  100s and 100s of them.


Every year for the last 20 years this bulb sends up these beautiful round red ball flowers that never cease to mazy me, this one is 1/2 open the centre is still to open.


A insect chewed through the stem of this one so I have the joy of it on my kitchen window sill.


This lovely piece of art was given to me on Sunday by a local artist, it is a very early pastel drawing of hers and I fell in love with the colours it is of the Kimberley’s in WA  and every time I walk past it I’m stopped by it.

Update 2.30pm


Just spotted in my pond, a local  striped marsh frog hatching  of eggs.  Below in the close up photo you can see the tiny babies just growing


Will keep you posted on their development this is a first for us.

Well not much sewing but lots of gardening done this week. Off to link with Esther now. Thank you for stopping by to say hello.  Cheers Glenda

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5 Responses to WOW or WIPs with Esther 23rd Nov 2017

  1. Maggie says:

    Dear Glenda

    Your Secret Garden is looking amazing. Are you going to colour all the flowers? Or are you going to keep some without it? When I was little, I would fetch tadpoles by the bucket load full, no wonder we had so many frogs. They were my secret weapon, as my brothers were scared of them. When we played marbles, they lost, then they would not hand over the marbles. I would put a frog in my pocket and then pull it out and chase them with it. I was much smaller than they were. Will be looking forward to seeing these frog’s grows.

  2. Karen says:

    so many wonderful and different plants then what we have here so beautiful. I imagine you are excited to have family coming in and visiting soon – the end of the year is almost here, it has gone by so terribly fast I think.

  3. Pam Marbourg says:

    Glenda! It is so beautiful where you live very and your Secret garden is original and perfect.

  4. Eleanor Smith StitchinSpain says:

    Lovely photographs of your work and garden. I love all those beautiful and different flowers.

  5. Pamela says:

    Such beautiful photos!

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