WOW or WIP’s 15th Nov 2017 with Esther Aliu.

Scary only weeks till Christmas and I wanted to finish several UFO quilts this year ???  it has not happened but I have worked on so many so they are closer to been finished.  I plan to keep on working on the same UFO’s in 2018 so may be some will final get finished????

To day is back to school for me, my iMax has crashed for the 3rd time so I’m going to see if I can write my blog and add photos using my iPad???  This is all trial and error for me so let’s see what and how to use my iPad!


What I was working on last week.  A little more sewn before she gets put away again LOL

My days are just NOT lo

Hearts Desire by Esther Aliu 


Hearts Desire block by Esther Aliu have to reprint my pattern all 70 odd pages as I have missed placed the pattern!!!!!! Bottom flower will have to be replaced pins have rusted?


What happens when you put blocks away with pins in here, top pins are ALL rusty and have marked my fabric!


I need to remake these petals that make up one of the flowers on my block? Rushed upstairs to see if the other blocks still had pins in them but I’d thread have thread basted not used pins thank goodness.  


Back of a vest I made after doing a knitting course with Kay Fassett in NZ  about 30 years ago???? It  has come back to be remade as front of vest has worn out and top area needs to be redone as well.   !!!!!


All worked on tapestry fabric then stitched to the back of a commercial made vest.


ANZ quilt top I’m adding circles to


I did not realise just how many spools of cotton I would go through???????  Top area almost completed.

lets make a stack and slash block?


How do I make this from


This?  Choose a busy design cut it out around 14inchs square the cut out 9 or 12 identatacal pieces of fabric and stack  them above each other in the same position.   Then use a very sharp large rotary cutter and slash through all these layers of fabric 9 times I cut mine first in to a fan shape then slashed it in to 8 strips I ended up with 8 piles of fabric strips which I then placed out on the table as you see below.


bottom right we have the original pattern I choose, middle a pile of strips laid out ready to sew together.  Left bottom finished fan made up and appliqué to a 14inch pieces of black fabric.



lilic strips added and base.


Orange  fabric folded and then cut on the fold so I do not have a raw edge on the out side of the fan .


Completed appliqued fan block .  I need to make another 3 up to give me the centre of a new quilt top!!!!

Well my Wednesday so far has been writing up my blog on my iPad now 12 midday and I need a break thanks for reading this far LOL off to try and link from my iPad to Esther’s WOW which I visited befor my iMax crashed this morning so I know it is there?

Happy blogging All Cheers Glenda PS will try taking photos out side in the garden with my iPad and upload this avo.

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2 Responses to WOW or WIP’s 15th Nov 2017 with Esther Aliu.

  1. Karen says:

    the blog post looks like it turned out fine. When I tried to post using my Ipad all my photos would be in it upside down and I couldn’t change it or figure out why! The year is flying by – it was just Halloween and now Thanksgiving for us in the states is next week already then four weeks later Christmas, I’m not even in the Xmas mood still.

  2. Kyle says:

    You may still have quilts to finish,but you’ve made progress and that’s great. Sorry to hear about the pins leaving marks. A good reminder. Love how your stack and whack fans are urging out. It’s a cool technique.

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