WOW or WIPs with Esther Wed 9th Jan 2018

Jan is moving far to fast for me, but I’ve been finishing productive working on UFOs from 20 years ago,!!!


This wa# handed in to the shop with some bad stains and this large hole,  all hand embroidered roughly 100 years old, I would not let them chuck it and brought it home around 5 or 6 years ago,  I came across it on Friday  when I was  sorting boxes in the  attic,  I was emptiing  3 large plastic containers.


Cut away centre first leaving almost 1/2 an inch in the centre of the last row of blanket stitch.


ironed and taped down this small. Appliqué table cloth.


PLaced cut away area over the small cloth, pinned the basted the oval in place


this was the damaged area lucky it had not gone in to that blanket stitch row.


Machine satin stitched over original hand stitchs using a wider width stitch worked beautifully.  MY  second UFO finished  for 2018 but not on my list of 18 LOL

Iv’e started drafting and making my centre for Morning Glory by Esther Alice, one of her beautiful 3BOMs for 2018 .  Was hard to know which one to make first. Back ground  is a Kimono cotton a very very deep navy and salmon scallops a synthetic kimono fabric I think . Ive changed my border to Scallops instead of Zig Zags though.

First two scallop borders placed in place.

Of course this is not true to Esther’s design Morning Glory as I’m Zig Zaged out after LE and  so I’m using Esther’s scallops from one of her other designs her beautiful design Hearts Desirer First two scallop borders with iron-on fussing placed in place for my Morning Glory BOM with Esther Aliu 1 of 3 BOMs she has released this year for the price of 1, great bargain.


On point as it will be in the quilt top. Need to add the corner pieces now

On point as it will be in the quilt top. Need to add the corner pieces now.

Monday 8th Jan 2018


First corner and happy with fabrics first time,  yes these are the same as in the pattern LOL.



ALl  corners  made up. Need to add a iron on light weight stabiliser to back of my centre backing  material before I start the appliqué plus do the stitching to centre it.


As it will look in the quilt top on point. . Can not wait till Feb for the centre appliqué design. I’m baste stitching the directional lines this morning.

Hand 0

Doing some Hand quilting on my 1930 GMFG it’s Kingsize so I feel like I’m getting no where.  Not using a hoop just curled up and doing it in my lap very soothing thinking about the lady or ladies who made all these tiny hexagons nearly 100 years ago.  I have a poisoned leg so need to keep it up so getting a lot of quilting done.

Ive been looking at someone else’s WIP this morning that I picked up in the Opp Shop and wondering if I could finish them??? as if I don’t have enough of my own UFOs LOL

One of my mums I dug out last week? Love love those thread colours.

One of my mums I dug out last week? Love love those thread colours but will I ever work on it?


WOuld love to finish this Pola Bear cross stitch a beautiful animal  I have all ways been in love with.


NOt so keen on a CAR!!! But it is so close to been finished I’d love to finish it for the unknown needle women as the workmanship is beautiful.


yes a definite to finish these are adorable.


IVe all ways loved Irises so yes I must finish this beautiful book mark for the unknown embroider.

Thanks for visiting. I’m off to link with Esther now. Happy sewing every one Cheers Glenda


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4 Responses to WOW or WIPs with Esther Wed 9th Jan 2018

  1. Karen says:

    you have a bad leg? what happened hope it will be well soon. Love all your on going projects!

    • glenda says:

      Hi Karen have an infection just above the ankle so hav3 to keep it up, on antibiotics now so should be OK soon.
      Hope I can use the treadle on the machine tomorrow though LOL. Hand quilting my 1930 GMFG tonight lovely to be back doing some more on it. Hugs Glenda

  2. Marita says:

    Dear Glenda!
    So many lovley projekts! So nice work!
    I know you can them finish!
    Greetings, Marita

  3. What a clever way to save that old tablecloth, combining it with another vintage piece! Genius! Your other projects are lovely, too.

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