WOW or WIP’s with Esther 13th Dec 2017

A kilo of fruit so It will make a good size cake. It sure smells good and tastes even better LOL.

A kilo of fruit so It will make a good size cake. It sure smells good and tastes even better LOL.  It is now or was two Christmas cakes LOL

in the garden this morning.


Sun  filtering through the trees just after sunrise.


YES the wee folk live here?


and grow their own veggies?


My herbs are growing like weeds?



SPider orchid.


Close up of the spider Orchid.


This little fellow was inside this morning so caught him with my shirt and put him back out side, he looks l8ke a shrimp???

I’m guessing you are all like me trying to pretend Christmas is not 12 days away LOL


Just waiting to have it’s borders sewn on then I will hang it as is for Christmas at my entrance.


All appliqué down, after doing all those points my machine appliqué control is much improved LOL.


Working on Hearts Desire by Esther Aliu it was a beautiful mystery BOM around 7 years ago and I have been working on it ever since LOL. Remaking the scollop borders as I had used freezer paper back then but since then wash away freezer paper has come in and I think it will add a lot of body to the quilt as it is all silk, not to sure how I will go quilting through it though!!!


Prepping the silks with interfacing. Black on the right ready to use the other red and black pieces waiting for the interfacing.


    THis is the black silk it is patterned and very beautiful, one of the problems with silks is making sure that the are running the same grain. I have taken this photo on a different direction and it looks silver but is pitch black?  Red also has a lovely design on it. O

This red silk is very fine and soft but with the interfacing ironed on it becomes very manageable.

Re doing

Redoing scoolped edgems for the out side border of Hearts Desire first 4 I made 6 years ago with freezer paper and if I used it now I would have to remove it after appliqueing down, so removing it and adding washawayfreezer paper which can be left in, much quicker plus will add a ni ce weight stabilise to the quilt, not sure how difficult it will be to quilt though? First row at bottom is the old freezer paper I’m using to draft new scallops out of wash away freezer paper. Row above cut out silk fabric with interfacing ironed on.  3 row scollops with washaway ironed on , top scollops all ready to be appliqué to the black silk border.

What my border will look like I think LOL.

What my border will look like I think LOL. I have 4 of these borders to make, so many hrs, days, and weeks of hand sewing here.


This gives you an idea how this outer border is built up in silks.

My first QAYG block using the beautiful embroidery I saved from a old table cloth .

My first QAYG block using the beautiful embroidery I saved from a old table cloth . Built up with Appliqué then embroidery.  Most of the appliqué fabric has faded a great deal.


For some reason the wee brown leaves bothered me on these lovely old pieces so I pulled my silk paints and started to play???


And play some more, no more brown leaves?  Then I added a very thin out line in pink around the appliqué pink flower to highlight the shape, I’m happy with the way it looks now.  


Picked up in an opp shop last week with the original price tag still on it,  I have a friend who likes green!!!  So it will be in the post to her as soon as possible for her to cut up and make a bag or something in patchwork???  ??

Hope you are all going to be with family and friends over the next few weeks.  Cheers Glenda




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12 Responses to WOW or WIP’s with Esther 13th Dec 2017

  1. audrey says:

    Wow! That border is going to be fabulous!!

    • glenda says:

      HI Audrey thank YOU for that encouraging response LOL It is a mammoth job but as Bunny says How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a timeLOL SO this border will be one stitch at a time LOL By replacing the freezer paper with wash away is going to make a big difference but I’m a bit worried about the quilting through it????? Time will tell. Hoping to finish cutting out all the other 4 scollops today. first I need to iron on the interfacing to the fabric then it will be plain sailing as it makes the silk so manageable to work with. Slow part is cutting those 2 metre strips of washaway freezer paper in to scollops LOL Merry Christmas Audrey and all the very very best for 2018 Cheers Glenda

  2. Eleanor Smith StitchinSpain says:

    Its coming on wonderfully. I think it may be a tad hard to applique though, hope not, but you will be doing it by machine l believe.
    Love those spider orchids, not seen those before, do they just grow wild?

    Keep going we are both going great on this Ellie

  3. Karen says:

    wow so may challenging quilts that you work on. and all so pretty. Do you have a recipe for the fruit cake?

    • glenda says:

      Morning Karen, I sent you the recipe for the fruit cake by email. I will add it here also if I stop long enough today LOL My challenge on Hearts Desire quilt was just to use black and white with some red LOL I’m using silks and cottons so this quilt will not want to be washed ever !!!!!!!! Just for looking at LOL Hugs Glenda

  4. Kyle says:

    I admire your ability to work with the silks. I have some thst my husband picked up for me in China many many years ago. Your examples might make me go find them in the closet. :0)

    • glenda says:

      Hi Kyle, just remember when working with silks its not some thing that can be washed and washed, Use them in a wall art that will most likely never be washed, I use silks of all weights many I know would run and others that will shrink 50% but its all OK if it’s a wall art piece. Then label it at the back saying DON’T wash LOL Modern silks are much stronger and washable than say 10 years ago, but many silks from the East still run and are very fragile. SO pull those silks out and go play with them, check Accoquilt on Esther’s WOW or WIPs this week she has made this stunning wall art with just circles, may be you could use your fabrics the same way in some form like making a neural circle then adding a circle inside that circle leaving just a 1/4inch showing of the neural with your silks? . Just play with the silk. Cheers Glenda

  5. That Heart’s Desire looks like an heirloom in the making. And yes, I’m with you, Christmas is NOT 12 days away!!!

  6. Maggie says:

    Dear Glenda

    Now that brings back memories, making fruitcake in the heat in summer. Your projects and garden is looking like the are blooming. Merry Christmas.

    • glenda says:

      Yes you would have had Christmases like us out their in Africa, I hope you have arrived safe and sound and are surrounded by loved ones Merry Christmas and Hugs from Down Under.

  7. Deana says:

    Washable freezer paper? What? Where can you get that? What a great idea!

    I loved learning about how you can add silk fabrics to quilts using interfacing to stabilize it. That is a new thing for me. I’m a straight cotton girl because other fabrics are just so hard to work with.

    I AM DROOLING over your hand applique borer and blocks. They are gorgeous!

    • glenda says:

      Hi Deana so sorry for taking so long to get back to you, my mail box has been full since a month before Christmas I ve even been writing replies at 1.30am this week LOL Washaway applique paper or freezer paper as some call it was put out by C&T in a roll, Beth Ferrier came up with this idea, sadly the 10 metre rolls have just become a discontinued line but you can still buy the ptks of A4 sheets just means you ahve to tape them together when you are doing borders. Visit Beth Ferries blog and go back through her blog and see hwo she uses it. I like it as I use a lot of silks and it woks as a great stabiliser and can be left in. Saves me hrs of work. You can all so google it, there are a lots of tutorial on it. I was in the attic this morning and found 4 large plastic boxes of fabric crafts and UFO quilts I will need to do a UFOsin2019 and 20120 to get these all done LOL Even found 3 of my mums UFO’s and she has been dead for 10 years now!!!!! I have not packed them away again and will put one on my free standing tapestry stand and work on it hopefully. Cheers Glenda PS It was so nice of you to visit and hope we visit each other over 2018

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