Ufosin2017 May 2017

Well not a good month for me on my Ufosin2017  I’ve slipped up baddly,  I should not have started the two new 2017 Bom’s of Esther Aliu’s but I just could not resisit them so trying hard to keep up with these two beautiful quilts so they all so don’t become UFO’s LOL

A BIG Thank you Meredithe  for trying to keep us on track as I know you are trying to take a break from blogging and have come back just for us all to link up this week.

I completed my 365 circles so I did complete one of my goals for April .


All sewn together but put away again to finish another day week or year LOL


I have been doing a little on these rings but not much!!!!!

I’ve been  baby sitting my DGD 4 years old once or twice a week the last 4 months which I love but did not realsie how much sewing time I loose each week so my production line is well down.  But she is very keen to learn to sew herself .


She wanted to learn cross stitch!!!!!   and my goodness she picked it up striaght away?????


When looking for something the other day she saw this swap I did about 20 years ago with 9 other quilters and was fasanated by it,  so we are now busy turning it in to a wee quilt of hers, she calls it her Eye Spy quilt, we have added some wadding and backing fabric and found out how difficult it was to push pins through and pricked her self constantly but would NOT give in, she is now with each visit doing some thing to it, yesterday she pushed the foot of the machine and I guided the quilt through, she has all most two side sewn and she picked up the speed control so quickly.  So she now knows how to sandwich a quilt????


My 2017 first  4 Secret Garden mystery blocks by Esther Aliu


My 4 Diamond Hill centre blocks of Esther Aliu’s free BOM this year.


Block 4 of the Secret Garden


Another reason I’m behind I have been mostly handquilting this quilt for my DDIL  most evenings so she can have it back for this winter.  I made the quilt as a challenge 20 odd years ago when living in PNG but never did any thing more than quilt around all the shapes but if it is to be used as a cuddle rug and washed a lot it needed to be more densely   quilted so I have echo quilted around the dresden plates and the butterflies and fish. plus added another 7inch border all around to make it a little bigger.  I finally finished it last night so Laure will have it for this winter.


Another distration!!!!! Learning to do thread painting with my machine this bird is for block 2 of The Secret Garden This took me 4 hrs to do so I don’t think I’ll be doing to much of thread play LOL  as I hate machine sewing.


One of my finishes quilt tops from a couple of months ago has also been pulling my attention away from working on a new Ufosin2017  I’m addicted to this sashiko hand quilting!!!!!  I put this aside to work on my DDIL’s  quilt and I’m missing doing it, but will pull it out tonight as I  finished Laure’s quilt last night.  .


My last block of Diamond Hill which I accidently cut the back ground fabric to small and did not realsie till I’d finished the block?????  I’d accidently cut two of the blocks to small so to fix the problem I cut all 4 blocks back to 17 1/2 inches added the flan in pink then added a 2 inch strip of black this has solved my major problem LOL  plus I think  it looks better than just a black edge?

I hope you all had a lot more success this month on your Ufosin2107 than I have!!!!! Cheers Glenda

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6 Responses to Ufosin2017 May 2017

  1. Shez says:

    wow Glenda you do such beautiful work,isnt fun to be a grandma,and how clever is your GD.xx

  2. Kyle says:

    Your work is always so inspiring. All of your handwork is so precise and meticulous even you awesome machine stitched bird! Love all the quilting you’ve been doing. You’ve made fabulous progress on your list.

  3. Karen says:

    good to get the granddaughter involved in quilting and then your quilting can continue while she visits!

  4. deb says:

    Wow… I’m always finding the needles for my 8 year old when she tries to stitch. You got a lot of progress on your projects… and some precious time with your DGD.

  5. Angie says:

    Beautiful work!

  6. audrey says:

    What fun to teach your granddaughter some sewing skills! Sweet times.:)

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