LE’s 4th Vase finally been made 2015

Since last Wednesday I have been working every spare moment on vase 4 of LE .  I have kept a daily update on how I have been building up this vase arrangement over the last week on my blog for those who may be interested.  All though this has taken me 18 months to start my 4th vase I have been working on many other parts of LE it was just this 4th vase I was procrastinating over.


It has taken me over 18 months to start my 4th Vase???


For some reason I kept procrastinating over this vase and finally I started it last Wednesday after noon!!!!  Now I have to make those last two oak leaves and 4 ovals to finish this side of LE.  I’m dreading those oak leaves as I choose the wrong fabric to make them heavy silk with silver threads  and it sheds ??????


I have spent all my spare moments this week working on this vase arrangement finally I can see that may be this year I will complete the 4 vases on my centre.

It is now 5.30pm Wednesday and I have just added two cone flowers.

Ive just made up two small cone flowers

I’ve just made up two small cone flowers I think now it needs an iris in the top middle ?????

It is now 5 mins past midnight I finished making the Iris a couple of minutes before midnight Wednesday our time in Australia so it took all week to get this far on my 4th vase!!!!

Just finished making the Iris in the centre of the arrangement at 1155pm

Just finished making the Iris in the centre of the arrangement at 11.55pm I took me 4 hrs to cut out appliqué and pad this flower????  Now it needs a few yellow stitches to give it depth I think????

So far I'm happy with how it it growing.

So far I’m happy with how it is growing.

I don't have a design it just grew.

I don’t have a design it just grew.

I love Irises so I'm glad I have one here.

I love Irises so I’m glad I have one here.

IN the garden very early this morning


spider orchid


A little fabric colour too!



Our gardenia is in flower and the whole garden smells like a perfume shop.


From the most beautiful to the most unusual plants


Stunning red.


How lovely it is early in the morning as the sun rises


I love ducks but so do the carpet snakes so I have wooden ones ?????


How quickly the sun rises, orchard bathed in early morning sun.


A quiet place.

Leaving the house early today so blog as it and I may update again if I have time. Happy sewing every one Cheers Glenda who is off to link with Esther on her WOW or WIP’s today


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3 Responses to LE’s 4th Vase finally been made 2015

  1. Karen says:

    lovely work!! congrats

  2. Esther Aliu says:

    Oh my goodness, take your time Glenda! Your LE is looking wonderful for it! This is a quilt that can’t be hurried along, you do it when it feels right, I just love your fabric choices, the colours are stunning 🙂

    • glenda says:

      Dear Esther, LE has a mind of its own, it either demands my full attention or pushes me away completely there are NO half measures with it. It even dominates what fabrics and colours I use LOL. Nearly 2 years ago when you showed us the design I knew straight away I wanted to make my LE in Japanese taupe tones, BUT look at it 18 months later so so bright!!!!! I made up my compass centre 4 or 5 times before I could move on LOL. Thank YOU for such a wonderful treasure. Cheers Glenda

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