WOW 16th Oct 2013 with Esther


As you can see I'm still working on Parts 2 3 and 4 LOL. I could not wait to start Part 4 so I have made a promise to my self one flower then a couple of Zig Zags, so far it is working well as I have nearly complete the 3 border of ZIg Zags LOL>

I have my first two polka dot leaves pinned and I hope to sew them and the vase on today.

I made about 6 circles for my vase before I finally settled for this one?????? I think LOL.

Each morning over the last week I have spent an hour tying this quilt, I was going to machine quilt is but it looked so ghastly on this backing I unpicked it and decided to tie as the silk design on this one piece fabric can still be seen in all its glory a very old silk piece from China around 1946.

I bought this ruler-cutter around 15 years ago it was my favourite tool for cutting; then it bowed which meant it only cut each end clenaly, so it became a shelf item, last week hubby was telling me about a paper-cutter that was now available same principle as this ruler; he brought one home for me on Friday but it was difficult to slide the material through the throat and only 12inches wide and then the fabric moved when you tried to slide the cutter, the idea was great but it needs lots of work to use for material, in the end I showed him my ruler which by this time was in 3 pieces as the slide part which the cutter ran along had become unglued. "oh I can fix this " he said. and there you have it my favourite tool back in production and I'm a very happy chappy. Hubby's are wonderful.


I bought this succulent from a garage sale about 10 years ago, the people who had it were moving back to Sydney 3000 ks away and could not take their potted plants with them, I have never seen another like it. Yesterday I repotted it in to this exaircraft part!!!!!! It was completely pot bound and I could almost hear it give a sigh of relief when I gave it space to move in LOL.

Who does not like a splash of old fashion flowers????? and it has an extra plus as it is a herb also. Burner in bottom right hand corner is to keep the mosses away, they will come when the wet arrives soon.


Summer is coming the Kookaburras are back in the garden March-flies that sting, the wood-pigeons are back which puts a smile on my face, and the wonderful exotic Ulysses butterflies.

They are lovely to have around but can be quiet nasty if they are hand feed as some tourist do.

Update on Mr Turkey, he has made his nest and today is doing a little dance around the rim of his nest which is a metre deep in front of him. there is a young female looking so we may have eggs yet. It is very hard to get a clear photo of him as he is very shy at present and moves away when ever I try and sneak up close enough to get a photo.!!!!!

He is a Grandpa of Bush Turkeys He is on the rim of his nest and if he walked forward and down in to his nest you could not see him.

I’m off to link up with Esther now at

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Cheers Glenda
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9 Responses to WOW 16th Oct 2013 with Esther

  1. Karen says:

    love seeing the birds! so unusual to me. I am behind on LE as well. Trying to make some finishes and then back to work soon I will be starting on part 4.

  2. Helen says:

    Love all your beautiful work especially LE. Also your outlook to life 🙂

  3. Anne Marieke says:

    I just love reading what you have been up to over the past week.
    And to see all the creatures and plants you encountered.

    Your LE is beautiful. Just keep at it one piece at a time and it will get done.

    Anne Marieke

  4. Bunny says:

    Another wonderful week of photos. Love the birds so pretty and very different. It is fall here and has rained the las day or so but sun is out today.
    Not sure I will do a blog post today.
    Hugs bunny

  5. Cindy says:

    Love all your pictures. I enjoy seeing birds from other parts of the world. 🙂

  6. Jeanne Sullivan says:

    Thank you for taking the time to put together your post photos. I so enjoy watching your progress on LE! You’re certainly moving along and it’s looking even more beautiful every time you add a new element. I also enjoy your nature pix 🙂

  7. Karen Miller says:

    Glenda I am always in AWE of your work! I just love the vase and the circle looks perfect! Your bird shots always get a smile out of me 😉

    Thanks for sharing.
    Karen on Keuka

  8. Your LE is looking so beautiful already, it has a touch of the colourfulness and mystery of the tropics…. Love seeing pictures of around your house – so much going on. What a lovely picture of the Kookaburra!
    Hugs, Jane

  9. Margaret says:

    I love those Kookaburras! We don’t have them here in New England.
    I love your traditional look for the flowers in your vase.

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