WOWs or WIPs with Esther Wednesday 3rd Jan 2018

Ive had a very very frustrating couple of weeks computer wise with my iMac and my iPad first it was my iMac then my iPad decided not to recognise my password, it final disable me completely and Rod had to spend 2 1/2 hrs reinstalling every thing so it would work again, but my photos were all gone and I was very very sad yesterday about loosing 4 months of my photos which I used as a record of my work.  Then in the mail was a parcel from Denise in the USA with her lovely wall art she made from the last BOM of Esther’s last year.  It made me realise the photos were not with all that sadness and how lucky I was to be alive.  What a lovely lovely gesture which at first glance at Denise wall art quilt  turned my sad day in to a special day.

My Happiness quilt.

My Happiness quilt. Made by Denise in the USA



My first challenge for 2018 I’ve been  working on it each day, so far Iv’e done at least an hour and now I only have one ring to do WOW I’m very happy LOL

I have 3 more of these wee blocks to f

I have 3 more of these wee blocks to have enough blocks to finish quilt top, I was hoping to finish this quilt top before last year but it went to quickly, did this one last night nearly finished it, takes me two hrs to appliqué quilt one of these centre on.


Steam pressed it last night and it is laying perfectly flat.  Interesting seeing the first rings to the last ones, I sure learnt a lot about my machine and tension a great way to start machine applqiue  sewing as I normally only do hand sewing!

My tables are back

My tables are back, two over head hanging lights and a very large ceiling fan how spoils can you be.


My DGS resorting a wee vintage child’s sewing machine this morning Vulcan made around 1940  to 1950. It was mine


IN pieces all been cleaned and polished.  Afterwards he made a wee bag using it, he was fascinated with how it was built and worked.


MY eldest DGD aged 4 she is 18 now and I’m about to teach my youngest DGD 4 how to use it to make her first wee quilt.


He will turn in to a very large beautiful butterfly after eating all my leaves from my plant!


He’s 3inches long now.


DGS cleaning the carport roof for me This morning before the wet starts it was 33C and very dry.

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6 Responses to WOWs or WIPs with Esther Wednesday 3rd Jan 2018

  1. Chris in Canada says:

    It was -33 with the wind chill factor here this week.

    • glenda says:

      It was 35C here today Chris to hot to do much out side so stayed inside all avo, I was so glad we have the swimming pool the only thing to do in this h eat is float and chat in the poolLOL. Cheers Glenda.

  2. Karen says:

    how nice to have the help of grandchildren! your grandson very busy. love your quilts, sorry for your Ipad problems – we have so many problems with all these electronics but still we will not give them up!!

    • glenda says:

      We had a great day or I did any way he is funny and great company Karen. I have a wee sewing machine sewing freely again, and a very clean carport roof, just in time as it rained tonight so will be washed clean as well now. Computers are incredible when they work well, but they are so temperamental and when they have a clutch it’s usually hrs of unravelling to get all your darta back. I Was so lucky iCloud downloaded all most all my photos today. I was very very happy about that. Cheers

  3. Catherine says:

    I’m so glad your photos were on iCloud. It would have been awful to lose so many memories.

    • glenda says:

      Thanks for dropping in Cathrine, yes I was so lucky, Ive been so sceptical about iCloud to??? and they proved me wrong well and truly, only the last couple of days were not there. I need to print some of them off and put them in a photo album. Hope you have a wonderful 2018 Cathrine. Cheers Glenda

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