WOW or WIPs with Esther Wednesday 27th Dec 2017

My last Blog with Esther for 2017 and I’m going out with excitement !!!I have seen this WIP in my storage area for the last 10 years I use to use it when I was teaching. Today I decided to open it up I had stored it wrapped in layers of glad wrap so it was still flat and clean, below I will show you the stages of how I use to build up my stack and slash blocks when teaching. many of you will know this but this is for beginners.


Opening up some stack and slash blocks that have been stored for around 10 years?  What fun Ive had looking at these!!!!  Glad wrap removed.


Black pieces lifted off and laid out.


slashjed pieces lifted off and also laid out.


Ive taken one 1/8th pile and set them out to make a kaleidoscope what an IMPACT they make.  I have done this dozens of times and it still surprises and delights  me.



Noe add those pieces of black to make my kaleidoscope in to a square!


To my delight I found another set Id prepped,   I’d for gotten they were there?????


One set of my oriental fabrics WOW!!!!!!


adding the first black pieces I would sew these on first.


Then I would sew on the next 4 pieces to give me large triangles, then Id sew the two different sections together., Hmm I will take some more photo for you it will be easier to understand LOL

Sew black pieces to the white pieces to form triangles.



Join triangles to form squares


join two squares to end up with the below.


Join the last two pieces to form a square .




With the triangles you can swap them around one end of the triangles placed in to the centre


Same block of triangles but the green end of the triangle on the out side?   There is no way you would think they were the same triangle unless you are a kaleidoscope fanatic may be LOL


another set of triangles


same set but reversed!  Look closely and you will see this.


I lost an hour  playing here this morning.

Thank you all for visiting me over the last 12 months its been a great 12 months of  pleasure and fun to visit you all  over a coffee.  See you in the New Year all been well. Wishing you all the very best for 2018 with lots of sewing if you sew LOL Cheers Glenda who is off to link with Esther .



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11 Responses to WOW or WIPs with Esther Wednesday 27th Dec 2017

  1. Pamela says:

    Gorgeous! I really want to try this technique.

    • glenda says:

      It would be a wonderful one to teach your Japanese ladies that you are sharing your quilting ideas with Pamela, these finish at 14inchs but you could make them any size you like. Best wishes for 2018 Pamela Cheers Glenda

  2. Gretchen says:

    The blocks are beautiful! I’ve never made these blocks. I’ve made a one block wonder which is similar. Deciding which design to use was my favorite part. Have a wonderful New Year!

  3. glenda says:

    Thank you Gretchen, what I like so much about this block is you can never really guess what is going to happen and the gasps when your students and one self sees what evolves? I’m incline to use black around them to make them pop even more and it also brings out the design more. Thanks for sharing your year with me. Cheers Glenda

  4. Patricia Suttmiller says:

    Wow, love these. I have also never made one of these. I have made several one block wonders which are similar. Thanks for sharing. This has been on my bucket list for a while. I will have to dig in my stash and see if I have anything that would work for this. I am trying to sew mostly from my stash.

  5. Karen says:

    I have never done one of these they are very pretty – does this work with any large print fabric – it does need to be a large print I assume?

  6. Suzy Webster says:

    I love symmetrical designs 🙂

  7. Deana says:

    It is wonderful that you brought this one out of storage! I love it! Those stack and wack quilts are just a blast to make and then there are always a couple of options on how you want to turn the pieces. I recently purchased a piece to stack and wack although I may use it for a quilt back instead.

  8. Likewise, Glenda. It is always a pleasure to come and visit your blog. You have some gorgeous projects in the works. Blessings,

  9. Lynette says:

    Wow!!! I have some yardafe I’d bought years ago to try this out with, but I always bypass it for a different project when I choose something “old” to pull out. I see that fabric and second guess it’s ability to shine in this process. But seeing these, I bet I’m cutting it short of its potential. I need to just pull it and do it sometime soon.

    • glenda says:

      Hope you make your Stack and Slash Lynette they are so stimulating and exciting watching those klidoscopes appear. Once you start one you have to make another then another LOL. Cheers Glenda .

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