WOW or WIP’s 2nd August 2017 with Esther.

I have made another blog this week for my group I’m in called Ufosin2107  so I’ve run out of computer time this week!!!!,  I hate spending extra time on the computer when I could be sewing but I also like to keep a record of what I do each week and my Wednesdays I like to keep for that time and catch up with you all and see what you have been doing.  This week was spent mostly on pulling out my Hearts Desirer by Esther that was a mystery BOM in 2011 and was never completed for family reasons.  But 3 days ago Ellie decided to make Hearts Desire after seeing Jenny’s beautiful completed Hearts Desire then Anne Marieke said she would pull hers out and I said I’d join them and pulled mine!

Last night I pulled out another UFO and I don't think this is on my list either LOL

Sunday I pulled out another UFO from 2011 to join in with Ellie who is starting this design of Esther’s called Hearts Desire. Anne Marieke said she might pull hers and keep Ellie company and I thought that was a good idea too.  These are all my blocks and some borders nothing is joined it is all just spread out on the bed not even placed in the right places I’ve just noticed LOL


My challenge when I started this quilt top was it was to be made mostly in black and white!!!!!


I nearly always add some yellow to my quilt tops so here is the main splash of yellow in the vase.  Those wee pieces of yellow in a S were a real challenge and a 1/2 to make in to wee appliqué pieces!!!!!


I LOVE this block I changed my wee bird to look more like a Birdofparadise after living in PNG for 6 years and seeing so many up there and having one here were I live now.


Found these wee pieces for the border today!  but need about 50 or 60 more LOL

One the 31st of July Esther released part 7 of The Secret Garden and last night i was up to well past midnight  making all the wee pieces in needle basting to make a block ready to be appliquéd down.


Part 7 of Esther’s mystery BOM for 2017 The Secret Garden.  1 down 15 to go LOL

I also pulled another of my 1930 quilts I’ve been restoring, its a crazy quilt.


I brought these panels from the USA around 12 years or more ago and have been replacing all the silk patches as they had all disintegrated even though these blocks have never been used.  Just age and the dies I guess.  Some would be around 80 or 90 years old.


All but one panel I’ve repaired and done herringbone stitch around all the patches.  this is the last panel to do.


Ive used silks from Japan and some lovely old velvets sent to me by another lovely lady quilter in the USA so I could keep the old look.  But Iv’e taken licence here and there like this Peter Rabbit patch LOL


and this daisy from and old hanky.


On Monday night I sat doing herringbone all night and managed to 1/2 a block, each panel is made up of 7 1/2 blocks.


Lots of satin fabric and rayon were used so thats why it is so bright.

On Saturday I found a draw I’d forgotten about and a big draw to full of sewing gear!!!!

Look at all those wonderful threads from sil

Look at all those wonderful threads from silks to a full box of red and pink DMC threads all wound on to cardboard they were my mums. Even a lovely old hand made lace hanky?  A box of hexagons I was sure i had made but could not find for my 1930 Grandmothers Flowergarden quilt I’m finishing of for an unknown quilter.  I made another pile of about 120 so I have a pile for some thing else now LOL

Two mini round robyn's I was in around 9 years ago!!!!

Two mini round robyn’s I was in around 9 years ago!!!!


Centre of the pink Round Robyn these were a postage Round Robyn


Centre of the green using a Ginny Beyer fabric making 6 wee triangles I had no idea what I was doing way back then about 15  years ago but I was having fun>


There was a tiny bag of around 24 4 1/2 inch blocks and I’d only embroidered 7 of them but they are to be all hearts I just draw them as I go no pattern.

So its been a exciting week for me sewing wise.

Off to link with Esther Aliu now thanks for dropping in and reaching the end, it is night time now so no garden photo’s may add some tomorrow if I have time. Cheers Glenda

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11 Responses to WOW or WIP’s 2nd August 2017 with Esther.

  1. Pamela says:

    Your applique is beautiful and I love the cray quilt!

    • Pamela says:

      That should be crazy, not cray!

      • glenda says:

        Thanks Pamela working slowly on that crazy panel and want to finish it before it gets put away again. last two days have been making the wee blocks of part 7 of The Secret Garden. Just visited your blog and see you are working on a crazy quilt to Pamela it is very beautiful are you teaching this to your friends also? Love the way you are using all the different embroidery stitches, great spiders web!
        Cheers Glenda

  2. Karen says:

    how exciting to find a drawer of quilting things that you have forgotten about – like opening up a treasure chest! love that crazy quilt and the applique

    • glenda says:

      Hi Karen life is rather hectic or more hectic than usual at the moment, working more at the shop till we get more staff as many are on holiday been our time of the year to get away and visit families and travel, plus we have lost 2 managers as they have moved away from here. I’m trying to keep my sewing time but my mail is suffering!!!!! and my visits to other quilters blogs is suffering too, I use to set aside Wednesday morning s for that but I have been working those morning s lately. Oh well thats life hopefully I’ll be back to normal next month. I have a machine now that does a nice appliqué stitch so doing more machine appliqué as my arthritis in my hands is getting worse specially in this colder weather. I just have to learn to use it LOL Cheers Glenda PS Have started working on the crazy quilt panel I want to finish that panel before it gets put away again!!!!

  3. your hearts desire is amazing and I love what you are doing with the “old stuff”

    • glenda says:

      Thanks Maggie I started Hearts Desire when it first came out as a mystery and WOW back then it blew me away when each block was released then life happened and it was put away, its a major work so I all ways kept putting off pulling it out to work on it but now I have the space to leave it out and I will love working on it again, I want to finish making up the blocks of part 7 for my SG before I get back in to it though then I can just enjoy the pleasure of such a beautiful quilt top. Cheers Glenda PS Just visited your blog what a lovely visit it was to.

  4. Linda Dutch says:

    Love the crazy quilt, wonderful stitching! And peter rabbit is so cute, glad he got included too!

  5. I love your hearts desire I would never had thought to make it black / white but it looks so beautiful. Your applique is truly inspirational.

    • glenda says:

      Thanks for dropping in Annette Hearts Desire is a truly beautiful design and I’m enjoy seeing it spread out on the bed at the moment. I still ahve not found a few pieces but I’m sure they will turn up over the next 12 months while I’m working on the rest of the quilt top. Cheers Glenda

  6. Wendy Laird says:

    Hey Glenda,
    Nice to see your Hearts Desire getting a second look.
    It will be beautiful when it is finished!
    Cheers Wendy

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