Ufosin2017 challenge 30th April 2017

Not able to blog today so will add my blog from the 30th. Hope you all have had a great week sewing and enjoying life in general.

First once again a big thank you Meredthe  for keeping this group going and helping me keep working on these 17 WIP’s I have chosen for this year. My goal was not to finish them but to work on them and progress on them. SO far it has been working and I even have had 3 finished quilts which still amazes me LOL

I have not been able to stick to the list as I wrote it out in Jan as I’ve not been down to the city for months and need several things to work on those listed so I’m jumping around my 17 projects.

This month I completed adding the hexagons border to my 1930 GMFG these hexagons are just under 1 inch on the sides of the hexagons.  It was a marathon task I can assure you.

1930's GMFG quilt I'm still hand quilting about 1/2 way now.

1930’s GMFG quilt I’m still hand quilting it about 1/3 of the way now.


completed wee hexagon on the right left one still needs stitching down on the edge.


Left and right borders finished.


Bottom border quilted  top waiting to be quilted


Finally all those wee hexagons have been added to the border seen from the back I’m now hand quilting inside each wee hexagon and now realise by working on each hexagon more than one quilter made this quilt top, by the hand stitching acuratisey or in some case not so acurit LOL


I’m really happy I spent all those hrs rescuing this quilt.  I spent hrs dreaming about this unknown quilter and have now decided there were many quilters that made this quilt top not just one person.


Finally finished and I did not cut one of those hexagons in 1/2 to add the border so I’m happy.


This could be on my 2018 challenge list??? it is  also a 1930’s quilt top I have artist unknown but from the USA and made mostly of shirt fabrics. I love how fresh these hexagons look, there are a couple of bad stains but these are in the white border and this will be easy to replace and I will use a strong fabric than whats here now.

I have been doing more to my ANZ quilt which was one of my earlier challenges in the year, the challenge on this one  was to complete making the quilt top which I did, but I’m still working on it sewing those circles on by machine using satin stitch.  This is all new to me as I’ve always been a hand quilter.

I ahve been doing more to my ANZ quilt that I

I have added some pelion to the back for stabilising and padding for  inside the circles, I will cut away the pelion from the outside of the circles you can see where I have started to cut it away.


My ANZ quilt that I’m still spending time on all though I meet the goal I’d set for this project.  My machine started to play up 5 days ago it was the tension I tried several different things and still the top thread was pulling all through to the back. Finally yesterday I put in new thread top and bottom and new bobbin and needle and it worked so I still don’t know what was wrong but I’m up and running again LOL  very very frustrating though as Ive lost 6 days of sewing on these circles.


I’m machine appliquéing these circles on using a satin stitch I was going to just use red thread but  it was so boring LOL  So changing using the red on the out side of the circles but the inner threads are oranges and yellows much more fun LOL

Last year I took part in the 365quilty circles 2016 which I completed, instead of making one quilt from them I’m make 3 wall quilts, one quilt is completed, one  all the tiny sqaures are sewn ready to be sandwiched and quilted and the other 88 blocks were in a little cigar box like wee jewels LOL

My last 21 days challenge is sewing my last 100 plus circles

My last 21 days challenge is sewing my last 365 quilty circles together from my 2016 challenge, there are  88 wee blocks to make up in to a wee wall art.  A few days ago they were all in that wee box????  Top two rows all joined and pressed, second two rows all joined in rows and those two rows waiting to be joined. 5th row finished and waiting for me to finish the 6th row so I can join those two rows together.  There are still 22 wee squares in the cigar box. The way its growing I will get them finished and all joined by the 21st day of this challenge.   May be even get it sandwiched for quilting,  These tiny blocks are all silk none are the same fabric and 4 1/2 inches square. . I now have all the first 6 rows joined working on the last two now.  

Below are not any of my 17 chosen challengers for Ufosin217

Some thing else

Some thing else, I have a dear friend in hospital who is very sick and I made her this memory quilt of our friendship over the last 30 odd years. A little crazy wall quilt about 12inchs by 14inchs.

Back of Cotrina's quilt

Back of my friends quilt her totom is the owl.  He was to big for the front so he has the back all to himself.


I also cut out and prepped my Secret Garden mystery BOM of Esther Aliu’s 2017 BOM

Ive also been working on making my QAYG antique hanky b

Ive  been working on making my QAYG antique hanky blocks only about 4 to make now.

Came across these blocks last week

Came across these blocks last 2 weeks ago may be next year challenge LOL


Also this one ,  This one I’d forgotten about completely it was inside another UFO LOL  I think I will put it on point and add pieced blocks around that????

What a difference

What a difference a day makes lay this on some black fabric Bingo !!!!

One of my 17 challenges called Shields and Swords is completed and gone to its new owner see below.


I also completed sashiko quilting Joshua’s quilt and it has gone to him.

Below is not one of the 17 challenges.

Finally last but not least

Finally last but not least a project I’m sashiko quilting


This is free form sashiko quilting not embroidery sashiko quilting. Translated Sashiko means little stabs.  I want to get use to using sashiko quilting before sashiko quilting my Quilt Memory to War Mothers quilt.  I find sashiko very very addictive when I’m quilting free form.

Thanks once again Meredthe 

Thanks for dropping in to see what I have been doing, I hope you have all managed to work on your projects and are making head way in to those 17 projects you choose.  Cheers ALL Glenda

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11 Responses to Ufosin2017 challenge 30th April 2017

  1. Karen says:

    you are so busy with so many projects I do not know how you keep them all straight in your mind! all so pretty too

    • glenda says:

      Hi Karen I’m not organised like you and also not dedicated to finish a quilt before starting another, you have many many finished quilts I have many finished quilts but far to many WIPs LOL. Hugs Glenda

  2. deb says:

    My goodness …. I thought I had a lot of UFO’s! You have been visiting a lot of them lately. That flower garden is just gorgeous. I can see it smiling it is so happy you rescued it and completed it.

    • glenda says:

      Hi Deb to be honest I have no idea how many WIPs I have far to many to pull out and count in one go. I have them all stashed away in large plastic boxes to stop the rats, moths, snakes and mould get to them??? I have around 10 1930 quilt tops at different stages I’d love to finish for the Unknown quilters who started them!!! Just hope I live long enough LOL. Cheers Glenda

  3. audrey says:

    I jump around with my 17 projects too. The only way to stay sane with the process! lol Love seeing all your wonderful progress. You have a lot of fabulous projects here! Your circle quilts continue to amaze me.:) Love how adventuresome you are with your fabrics!

    • glenda says:

      Lovely to hear from you Audrey, some one asked me how do I keep track of what I’m doing well I don’t I just come across one of my WIPs when looking for another one and stop and work on it till I see another WIP that motivates me LOL. But to be honest the Ufosin2017 is helping me finish some of these WIPs this year. Other wise I’d be starting new ideas
      I keep thinking about especially circles LOL. Hugs Glenda

  4. Eileen Keane says:

    My head is spinning with everything you accomplish! Your work is great!

    • glenda says:

      Hi Eileen I read some where to day some wrote they had 14 days in their week LOL. I think some times I do to as I stay up till midnight and later often to make progress on my project challenges I’ve chosen this year. Thanks for stopping by and looking at what I’m up to. Cheers Glenda who should be asleepLOL.

  5. Maggie says:

    Dear Glenda

    You have been a busy bee! I had to place all my projects on the back burner to help two friends, for whom I made two quilt tops. In two weeks. Using a stabilizer is something most people do not use, it is one mistake that create those wavy edges to machine applique. Using Pellon and cutting away the excess is a brilliant idea. No pesky stabilizer paper to remove afterwards! I am back to 365 and Diamond Hill.

    • glenda says:

      Dear Maggie, last week was frustrating with my sewing machine I’d set up to satin stitch those circles down going on the blink. I still don’t know what was wrong with it, but I have a feeling it was the bobbin, I was using a plastic one which was meant to work in the machine!!! I’ve started another of my 17 challengers for 2017 which is sewing my last 88 Quilty circles from last years challenge, I only have 1 1/2 rows to join then join the last 4 rows to make them into a quilt top, at this rate I may even get it sandwiched ready for sashiko hand quilting, they now can do sashiko on a sewing machine now have not seen it personally but not sure how they get the stitch to sit above the fabric and not be pulled down in to the fabric??? Hugs Glenda

  6. Lorraine says:

    Ooh, I like those challenge circles. Will stay tuned to see it finished soon!

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